Drunken ********* On A Tuesday Night

It started out as a night out with a friend from work. We went to the nail salon and got manicures and then headed to Hudsons for dinner and drinks. The plan was to just kill some time before heading to a movie, but the movie never happened.

At some point during the night we were outside having a smoke and after a comment about how she wasn't smoking fast enough, we got the opinion of a couple guys who were out having a smoke too. We chatted with them a bit and made our way back inside and after a while one of the guys came over and sat with us to chat some more.

More smokes were had and I was flirting with the guy incessantly and after a washroom break my friend told me she thought he was cute and that he seemed pretty interested in me. Later in the night I whispered to her that I was totally gonna **** him.

So, it's close to 2am and we've still got like 4 drinks to get through because we stocked up at last call and he invites me back to his hotel, which I accept without hesitation.

Him: I'm sharing the room with someone though.
Me: That's okay.
(then one of us brought up the roommate joining, but I was intoxicated so the details of who brought it up are a little fuzzy)
Him: He's into anal.
Me: What a coincidence, so am I!
Him: Really? You'd be okay with that?
Me: Sure would.

Blah blah blah...
(there was stuff in between, but I'm gonna cut ahead to the good part because I'm starting to ramble)

We're in the cab back to his hotel and we're making out hot and heavy. He's talking about all the things that him and his roommate are gonna do to me and I'm so ******* horny that I'm ready to rip my clothes off in the cab and let him just have his way with me there. His hand is up my skirt and he's got my **** out and he's sucking on my nipple (at which point my friend calls to find out where I am and I tell her I'm on my way home...alone) and I just want this cab ride to be over.

We FINALLY get to the hotel and I need a smoke, so we stop outside to have one and we're still making out and he's still talking dirty so we head upstairs (after I gave up trying to smoke...I was otherwise occupied) to the room. As we enter the room his roommate looks up from the computer.

"Jim, this is Amy. Amy likes anal and has agreed to have a ********* with us."
"Oh really? Well, it's nice to meet you Amy."

Next thing I know I have a **** in my mouth and a **** in my ***** and I'm being ****** like there's no tomorrow. It's dark in the room so I really have no idea who is where, nor do care as I deep throat the **** in front of my face and choke on it. I'm told to flip over onto my hands and knees and I feel the tip of a **** press against my ***. I moan in anticipation, it's been a while since my *** has been ****** and I can't wait.

I cry out as he thrusts his **** in and proceeds to **** me hard, slamming his hips into me. It feels so good. I'm screaming in ecstasy and the neighbors next door start banging on the wall. I apologize to my hosts who say it's their friends in that room, so it's no big deal (not that I was sorry anyway). I take the **** in front of me and start sucking again, taking the whole length and letting him **** my mouth good and hard. The guy in my *** ****.


I wake up wondering who it is sleeping next to me, not that it matters. I roll over and go back to sleep. The next time I'm woken up to someone spreading my legs and thrusting into my well ****** *****. I moan. It feels so good. After he ****, he rolls over and we go back to sleep. I'm woken up again a few hours later to the same thing and when he's done we go back to sleep.

Somewhere around 9am I wake up and start to gather my stuff, I have to work in 4 hours and I need to go home and shower and get my uniform. I find my glasses and all my clothes piled neatly on the chair and as I'm getting dressed I can't help but wonder where my panties are...I was definately wearing them when we got to the hotel room. I didn't want to wake anyone, so I searched everywhere but when I still couldn't find them I woke up the boys. After 5 minutes of all three of us searching I gave up.

"It doesn't matter. I wanted them mostly cuz they match my bra, but it's not the end of the world. If you guys do find them, cut them in half and you each will have a memento of the night." I say goodbye and head outside to catch a cab home, at which point I text a dear friend of mine to come over immediately to celebrate numbers 47 and 48 and bat clean up. ;-)
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when you go for it you really go for it!

Wild little thing aren't you. I work in Alberta at times, I sure hop eI run into you. Please add me

******* great story please add me would love to see more x!!


Damn, sucks that this costed you a pair of panties.

Lucky guys. Glad you enjoyed it. ;-)