I Had Sex With A Virgin With My Strap On *****

I am a girl and I had sex with a virgin recently. I had been hanging out with her for a few weeks . She always told me that she was waiting till marraige, or a significant relationship. I think the fact that she was a virgin gave me dogged determination I really wanted to be the first one to pound her with a big u know what. She would let me finger her and she would ****** from that and not even want to discuss the ***** . One day I kind of just pushed it like" no,, let me do this I just want to make u feel a way that you're gonna love." I leaned against her and she realized I was already wearing my toy , It was already lned up between her legs and we were already undressed. I grabbed her hips and pushed , I looked her right in her eyes . My toy was about 7 inches , not to big but not small. I put my hands on her hips and pulled myself up into her. OMG , she looked like she might cry, She let out a whimper as I pushed deeper, "keep those sexy legs open for mommy" I said. I worked my hips until my body was flat on hers. She let out a guttural primal scream and dug her nails in my back and I worked my hips in a grinding motion, filling her up . What an experience. I didn't start gentle with her . I knew she would love the agony of me digging deep and stroking her nice and hard.
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Well...I had not had s3x with a virgin until on my holidays two weeks ago. It was wonderful experience for both of us. She was 27 and you said it was a small cry but of delight.