Holiday Fun

I recently went on holiday for over two weeks.

I happened to be out with friends of my second cousins connected through my Grand dad. Went to some very love places over there in that beautiful island. My cousins and second cousins came along too. I got on well with them and spent some wonderful time with them.

My second cousin was very attached to me and after a time of dancing in the resort we returned to our cabin. She came along with me as were had been kissing on the beach.

We started making out and I happened to feel her whole body and she did not resist me at all. By the time my fingers reached her down there she was very wet. I noticed that she had not shaved her crotch area as it showed when I caressed that area. She had obviously been out with guys as she was quite good at handling my c ock. Oral only it looked like.
When I started to undress her it was no problem as I took my time. Kissing her around the neck and then to her breasts and then gently down there. She loved every bit of it.
It was only when I was preparing to have s3x that she said that she was a virgin. I had not had it with a virgin before but have read enough and seen stuff on the web.
I played with her for a few minutes rubbing mine on her cl itoris and she was so ready that I gently put the gland inside her first. She was so tight. But I kept pushing it in and then the little flinch and she grabbed be hard. After having finished, I did notice that there was blood on my p3nis and a bit on the sheet.

We continued to have fun until we fell asleep. It was nice and good experience.
DilXXX1982 DilXXX1982
31-35, M
Jan 9, 2013