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Sex With Virgin

Well yes I had 3 virginity taken. Also I am having sex with a virgin since past 5 years.....she just won't lose it.

irhotman irhotman 51-55, M 13 Responses Mar 31, 2009

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My first couldn't have broken my hymen. He had a pencil **** and the second guy - well, he definitely did cause some bleeding.

did you have bleeding in the sex sessions after you lost your virginity?

Well even after I lost my virginity, for several sexual episodes after I was still uncomfortable and far from paradise

To be honest in few cases... I found different reactions...some were related to the type of hymen (circular or otherwise) and some were related to the eagerness of the female to wanting to become a woman. In all case furtunately lubrication were high and the hymen popped with list possible pain. But burning feelings lingered for few minutes. That is as far as my experiences go. But why I say is not fun is because is not a job to be done peoperly and correctly....after that paradise starts....;)) So, its not a big deal to poppe a cherry.... its how you do it the best.

No woman's first time is fun, I can assure you both. No matter how much foreplay there is, usually she is dry and anxious, and it will hurt her. Not pleasant, and certainly not all its cracked up to be.

it need a good push....and woman should stay put.... but its not all that fun....

its onlt 2 cm away....a hard push would blow it off.... but the problem is after....... ohssss And Ahssss won't let you carry on! LOL

Well to be honest...popping cherries is not all that fun .... some are as hard as rubber!

Thanks.... I wanted to post how was the 1st one .... then it was not possible to make a group. maybe later....

with a bod like yours the pleasure is all hers, sexy!

**** otherwise you will lost..

Well I guess that makes sense then.

***** lick + annal sex