My Wife Was A Virgin

My wife was a virgin. And so was I. It took about 2 years of courtship before we had intercourse for the first time.

We were nervous as hell, but horny as never before.

As this was more then 30 years ago, I can't remember much, but it sure was a loving experience.

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My wife claims to have been a virgin on our honeymoon night but I do not know if she was or not. Most likely she was but I do not recall her having any difficulty, pain or any blood on our honeymoon night. In those days I had a rather large tool. Quite frankly, I never really thought much about whether she was a virgin or not until recently. Strange, after 42 years.<br />
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Before I came into her life she had been in love and engaged to another man who was 10 years older. I met her after he broke off their 2 years engagement. In my mind I believed she did have sex with him. I recently attempted to find out and she said why would I ask such a perverted question and she refused to talk about it. She basically shamed me for even thinking about it.<br />
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If he did penetrate her or not I do not know but I am confident they must have had oral sex. While we were dating she allowed me to give her oral climaxies and finger her to Os and she enjoyed it so much. I was really dumb at that age because she never gave me a climax of any kind in those dating years.<br />
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My gut tells me she had intercourse sex with this man because she was hurt tremendously when he broke off the engagement. I always believed when a girl is that devestated after being dropped meant she gave her virginity thinking it was forever. She did not date anyone for 2 years after the break up until me. And it was only because I was so persistent. I felt she was the woman for me and I actually pulled her out of her funk.<br />
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Whether she was a virgin or not really doesn't matter to me. I wanted her as my wife period. Today I would just like for her to tell me about her past love and hear all the details of what they did. At my age it takes a lot to get me going. If I could hear how another man had my wife and hear all what he did to to her and she too him it would be a big turn on to me. I would like to know what he did that she liked and then repeat it. I would like to know if she gave him oral sex etc. Just the thought of her having oral sex with another man really excites me. My wife to my disappointment, does not like to talk while having sex and will only tell me yes she was kissed by others when dating and that is all. Kinky on my part I know but it is what it is. I like to imagine another man having sex with my wife and watching her respond to his touches, giving him oral sex, watching her moan and scream when he enters her to her delight. She is still an attractive seductive woman even at 66.

Time to forget, suspicions and do the job more often

You truly a lucky man to have a wife who had not been ****** by anyone else. This has been one of my regrets. My wife had done a friend of mine, before she and I had become friends. He had told me about it. She never denied it, but would always tell me that he was a lot smaller then me and she only let him enter about 1.5 inches of his **** in her. She may have said this just to make me happy.<br />
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But again I am happy for you. Love your wife, be good to her!