The first time I had a virgin was at the age of 21, she was 18 and would be my future wife... till the age of 40 I was faithful to her and she to me...we never had other sex partners. But what do they say..."life starts at 40" and indeed for me it did. For a while I had a younger lover...she was only 18 and 23 years my junior... first we only had anal sex as she was still a virgin and preferred to keep it for a while. But when I divorced she was ready and I took her virginity. In the end it didn't work out for us as she was really some crazy girl...great for sex, hot as hell, but not suitable to build up a life in marriage with.

Now I am very happily married again... my wife is 17 yrs my junior...but she wasn't a virgin when we married (she was 27 than)...she had lost it ages ago.

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I do not know what is so hot about a virgin my first one was to and after one year i just left i would never have another i wont them to know what they like and what feel's good .Nope none for me

My first wife was a virgin and there is something special about taking a persons virginity but now my current wife certainly was not a virgin and we play with other people. Give me the one who has played and wants to play every time........

I couldn't agree more with that ;-)

My wife was not a virgin when i got her. Her ex-bf is my classmate in college but i never got to see her until they broke up. And now she is my wife...