I Had Sex With Ex

I am 45 and my ex long term girlfriend is 46 - we lived together for over 9 years in the same house
then 6 years ago we split up - we have child together so still have to chat.
i often drop into her house to pick stuff up - she has been seeing another guy for five years and they
had been going through a rough patch.

One saturday morning really early around six am...i relaised i needed to pick some stuff up from hers
so i dropped in as i have a key....when i opened the front i shouted in but no reply - i wondered upstairs
and she was asleep in her bed...

i walked in and said i was getting some stuff - she woke and we chatted......i asked where her block was
and they had had an arguement early that week so he wasnt about......i was just in a tea shirt and
some shorts and it was really cold morning...
i just jokingly said can i jump in to get warm.......she said yea ok and moved over in the bed to make some room
i took a change and pulled off my t shirt and shorts so i was naked....then got in next to her.
to my shock she was also naked.......we lay there a bit then i moved my arm over her.....feeling her stomach
i gently rubbed it.......i then after a bit took an change and moved my hand down towards her groin area...
i then felt the top of her soft auburn coloured pubic hair....she never want to shave but always kept it trim...
she didnt object.....she just said did i like it!! i slowly rubbed between her labia and found her thin inner lips....
i couldnt believe it.....she was damp..
she then pushed me away and said it was her turn and put her hand on my completly shaved penis....she said it was smooth
and why did i shave it....i just said i liked it that way...she then rolled over and we were in a spoon position....my hard penis
rubbed against her bum.....
i moved down until i was at the enterance of her vagina...i slipped in and started to have sex!!!
i then started to shoot loads and loads...i was out of control..
she was panting
we just lay there not saying a word....

guyshelp guyshelp
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1 Response May 9, 2012

I have a situation very similar to yours and believe the opportunity is there, just niether of us has initiated it. We get along very well the way things are and I wouldn't want to jepardize it..