Summer Of 1980.

It was the summer between my junior/senior year of Highschool,and I was recovering from a bad motorcycle accident (3breaks in my left wrist,compound fracture of the left femur,busted up several teeth) needless to say being 17 yrs old I had some issues with all of this.

Then, it happened, my younger brother baseball team had a pool party late in the summer after a game,and I went (reluctantley). After being there for a while my brothers best friend's aunt took notice,and ask me if I was going to be coming over after the party was over to spend the night? I said,"sure am thats the plan. So, with that she said "well I'm leaving would you like to exit early"? That would be fine with me.

After arriving, we settled in (it would be a some time before my brother and best friend showed),she ask me if if needed a shower? Keep in mind i had a cast on my left wrist and 52 staples in my left leg, so bathing was a project. Anyhow, I told her this and she said she would help me if I need it. She was 47yrs by the way,long dark hair, DD cup breast,nice figure for a woman her age.

I attempted to take my clothes off in the bathroom and lost my balance,she heard me hit the floor and came to see if is was hurt. She then insisted to help me. I was really shy and she told me that "I didn't have anything she hasn't seen before".

And with that she helped me off with with clothes. She began to bath me at this time I had a pretty hard erection. After she finished I rinsed off and went to the bedroom and laid down on the bed. She came in after and began to ask me some questions about my personal life, She notice my erection and and ask me if i have ever had sex before? I replied "no". She then asked me if I would like her too jack me off. To be honest,I can't remember what I said, I just remember she began to stroke me and within a minute I exploded . She got a warm towel and cleaned me up, in doing this I immediatley got hard again,this time she slowly went down on me and gave me my first *******. She then got undressed and said she was going to show me how to kiss and perform oral sex.

I have to say sadly this only happen this one time. she reasurred me that I would be fine with in my scars and would heal just fine from my acccident.

What a memory.

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Sep 18, 2012