Had Sex With Another On Wedding Day

I had sexwith 2 other men a few hours before I got married, they arrived at my house about 8am and said that as I was getting married theey wanted to have sex with me MFM just one last time, I did not think twice, I invited them in and we spent the next 45 minutes having so much fun, I made sure they were dressed and gone by the time my Bridesmaids arrived at 9am to get me ready for my 12 noon wedding and I walked down the isle full of there *** in all my holes
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16 Responses May 20, 2012

Thats just plain nasty...I LOVE it.

WOW! You sound like a hottie. I enjoyed your story. I hope you will add me.

I am sure it was repeated after the wedding vows as well.

That is hot!! A great way to start the marriage

good girl

That was the baclorett party the last fling

Love your free spirit!!<br />
Add me

wana fked again then give me ur yahoo id

So hot ;)

my my what a sexy thing you are, just how naughty did you feel standing at that alter with sticky *** running down your thighs? thanks for sharing.

did your husband-to-be ever find out?

thats hot

Here **** the bride!!! lol

Sounds great, right now gettin' hot thinking on you between them...

DAmn your great

did your new husband know