Multiple Sex Partners In One Day.

I have never had multiple sex partners in one day until I moved to Thailand. When I arrived here I figured I would **** a new girl every time I ****** because there are so many hot prostitutes here. I learned quickly the cheapest girls are the Freelancers which are the prostitutes that work the streets and since I have sex only without a condom they are the most willing to do so. I would **** about 3 to 5 a day. In about a week I started feeling strange symptoms, some of them where making me really horny all the time. It is too bad not all the symptoms were pleasurable, but I said **** it! I started ******* more and more girls as the symptoms progressed making me even hornier. I was wondering why I had these symptoms and I originally though it was because of the hot tight Thai ***** here. But I really didn't know so I thought I would get it checked out. So I went to get tested anonymously at a Clinic after I had symptoms for 2 weeks to see what it was. I found out I had Gonorrhea and found out also it is very common here. So I said **** it! There is no point in getting it treated and most of the symptoms I enjoy anyway, but not all. I guess I take the good with the bad. I have been ******* about 8 to 12 times a day, but my record was 14 girls in 24 hours.
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Because of the itchy tingling crawling feeling and the feeling of the discharge oozing out of my **** all the time. The only thing that really sucks is when I ****, it burns like ****!

Dude, how could you enjoy gonorrhea?