One Night In Bangkok

This is story of what can happen,,when you live in Bangkok. I was waiting for a friend at a open restaurant, drinking my fresh Nom Sam (Orange Juice). The next thing I know, three females sit down at my table. We start chatting, and they ask what I am doing tonight. When I tell them that I am planning to go to CM2 Disco, they all ask if they can come along. Naturally, I say yes, and the four of us leave. (I never called my friend to tell him where I went) Well, after an evening of sanuk (fun), we all decide to go back to my place. In the taxi on the way, all of a sudden it hits me, what am I going to do with three females (ages 21, 22 and 26). Nature has a funny way of solving these type of problems, and a wild night and morning was had by all.
srithanonchai srithanonchai
61-65, M
May 4, 2012