Just Before The Elections...

Tomorrow is an election day. It supposed to be the most important elections since 1975. This night reminds me of what happened in a similar night in 2007...
On 2007 elections, my husband was at the elections committee. He was randomly selected to attend to the elections, support the process and certify that everything was legal. This process starts at 06:00 of Sunday and ends about 22:00.
That summer some friends of mine were in my city, participating in a university program. I was 1 year married and away of my country, so I wanted to spend some time with them. That night, before the elections, was their last day in Greece.
My husband was unable to join us because of the elections. It was September, so it was quite hot. I dressed up as sexy as possible. I posted a pic of my dressing of that night, you can find it at my album.
First we went to a concert of Sakis Rouvas, a very famous and sexy Greek signer which all girls adore! The concert was great and we were close to the stage so we had very good view of him.
Nothing spicy happened there, after all there were mostly girls at that concert. When the concert ended, we decided to go to a club. One of my two friends felt tired and sick so we went to the club just the two of us.
The friend that I was with was the naughtiest of all! She desperately wanted to meet somebody at that night, to have a “last Greek” before returning to Ukraine!
We went to the club, we found a good spot and had our first drinks. Soon the club was full and we were dancing listening to some awesome house music. 2 men approached us. Not my type of men but since my friend liked them we let them join us.
We were dancing and drinking, it was so nice. I felt dizzy but I had great mood. My friend was very happy, probably because that man was “dirty dancing” with her. My man was also dancing with my in a dirty way, he was touching as much of my skin as possible. It felt nice but also uncomfortable because my friend knew my husband. It felt a bit weird.
When we went to the ladies room, she told that she wanted to have sex with him and that she would never tell anything to my man about what will happen between me and the other guy.
We returned to our spot, we danced, we drunk and then my friend reveal to them that.. I was married. That was a surprise for them! I think that this made the guy who was flirting me move.. faster.. he started groping my ***.. Moving his hands under my skirt.. in a provocative way, like wanting to expose me. That was such a turn on for me! I moved like I was dancing when in fact I was moving my *** on his hand and, of course on his crotch. I was looking my friend and her man like I was having the time of my life! While I was doing all this, he moved his finger inside me. It was hard to hide this feeling; I know my mates were aware of what was happening down there. I was still pretending that I was dancing but now I was moving only my pelvis trying to control his fingering...

After some time, after some more groping and some more fingering we decided to leave. We went to my friend’s apartment were she offered us her last bottle of vodka. She didn’t want to take it back home so she insisted to drink it. One bottle of vodka for 4 people? That was too much for me.. after having this quick drink, she got her man on her bedroom while I stayed with the other guy on the living room… He pushed me on the sofa, he kissed me, he fingered me a little and then he pushed his **** inside my mouth. While ******* my mouth he was offending speaking to me, telling how dirty married **** I am and that it was his first time with married woman. Then.. I felt dizzy.. I couldn’t suck his **** for more. He quickly put a condom on his **** and penetrated my ***** fiercely. I was in an ecstasy, feeling dizzy, having a man ******* me fiercely while telling me how **** I am and hearing my girlfriend screaming from her bedroom.
Then.. her screams stopped.. his voice stopped and seconds later he collapsed over me. After some time I felt a hand shaking me. It was him, trying to awake me up. My girlfriend was already sleeping so they had to go. They asked me if I wanted to stay or to drive me to my place. I accepted their offer since I didn’t want to return home in the daylight having this outfit. The time was about 6:00 so I knew my husband would not be at home. The car belonged to my girlfriends man, we first went to the my guy’s house which was first on our way then we arrived to mine. It was hard for me to move, still very dizzy, so I accepted his proposal to help me reach my apartment. We entered inside the building, entered inside the lift, he made me compliments, it was ok but all I wanted was to sleep. We reach my front door, I opened it and then thanked him, then.. he pushed the door and entered inside. I got scared but I had no idea what to do. He said that he needed to try married *****. It was not fun for me anymore. I tried to resist but how can you resist when you are that drunk?
He pushed me on the bed, he removed only my panties, he fingered me and after some time he stared ******* me.. it felt bad.. it felt guilty.. it felt awesome.. I could not resist so he ****** me in various positions. I have flash memories from this. Unable to describe them, sorry. I don’t even remember when he finish and when he left...
At about 14:00 I woke up... I still felt dizzy and shore.. I was still wearing all my clothes, even my boots but I could not find my underwear. I felt I smelled terrible and I saw dried *** around my *****. I had a shower and I called my girlfriend. She was about to board on the plane. She said she had a great night and that her guy was very gifted.
Indeed he was very gifted..

I haven’t told her that he also ****** me. I haven’t told my man of what happened.

2007 was my slutiest year I think. I made things I feel shame about but also they excite me a lot. I was 23 years old, felt desired in a nice country with handsome men. Sometimes It’s very hard to resist...
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you are hot , please add me

would love to go on holiday with you and your friends


You know, you could have made this into a "It was a night before the elections" kind of limerick. But I guess sleeping around tends to atrophy the satirical side of the brain.

well when you pass by there next time, stop an d think! it will get you real wet!!!

Its more the sexual thing of ******* in yoru house!! every time you pass by there you remember the other guys **** in you!!! WOW!

would love to meet you in a bar one day

Great story! So the 2nd guy, did you feel it was more like sex or rape? Not sure how to read the 2nd guy...

Ah, turned on by the "danger" and turned on by the "wrong" of it. I see & understan