Best Night Ever

When I was 21, I went to visit my cousin at his college one weekend. He was a freshman, but had already made a huge circle of friends, mostly due to his being a part of their football team. A lot of the team lived in a house off campus and were having a party that night, so we had a night of drinking ahead of us. His roommate also had company coming that weekend, his 15 year old sister and her friend. Lets call them Julie and Kim respectively. Both were really cute and hot at the same time as teenagers tend to be. We all walked to the party and started drinking, a lot.

While not entirely by design, I spent most of the time with the two teenage girls as we drank, since my cousin and his roommate were drawn away by their other friends. As mutual outsiders, we gravitated toward each other. While we were all getting drunk, I had the advantage of age and practice on my side and was holding my liquor much better than the girls. After some idle chit chat, Julie commented to Kim that she wishes they had some weed, and that she'd love being high right now. I smiled, and told her that I had some I'd be willing to share. Obviously, they agreed.

I found my cousin and told him I wasn't feeling well, and that I was going back to his room. He gave me his key and we went back where I produced my stash and a nifty inflatable bong that I used for traveling. Two bowls later, we were all stoned silly and having a great time. Julie sat on the couch with a stoned grin on her face and slowly fell asleep. Julie turned on some music and started dancing. I watched for a bit and she told me to join her.

I got behind her and placed my hands on her slender hips. As we fell into rhythm I felt my **** getting hard, and pressing against my pajama pants into her ***. She started grinding into my hard on, and it only served to fuel my lust even more. Soon, she turned around and wrapped her hands around my neck. My hands casually rested on her tight young ***. We began kissing and the rest of the next hour became a blur of passion and lust.

At one point we fell back on the couch next to the sleeping Julie. Kim was straddling me and kissing me furiously. We started stripping one another and when her perky **** were freed, I took one into my mouth and started suckling her pink nipple. We relocated to the bed and now completely nude, we started 69ing each other. I've always loved eating *****, and this was the sweetest ***** I've ever tasted. Within a few minutes she was *******. I was really thankful for that because I was close to ******* myself, and while her mouth was fantastic, I wanted to take her *****.

I rolled her over and then mounted her. She grabbed my **** and pulled it towards her waiting *****. It was so warm and tight as I invaded her teen ******. I love ******* while high and this was absolute bliss. I have an awful lot of stamina, and can usually **** for at least a half hour or more before reaching my peak, but seeing this petite brunette writhing beneath me made me climax within minutes. I pulled out and shot three spurts of *** on her stomach. Before I could soften again, I rolled her over and thrust my **** back into her *****.As I had hoped, her warm ***** kept my **** from going limp and after a few seconds of recovery, we were going at it again.

After a half hour of ******* in various positions, Kim drifted off to sleep, and I redressed her in her pajamas. Then I turned my attention to the sleeping Julie on the couch.

I gently woke her up and explained that now that Kim had fallen asleep, I could finally do what I had been thinking about all night. She looked slightly confused, until I kissed her, and she understood, and responded in turn. As with Kim we made out while stripping each other. With Julie, she went down on me, while I probed her sex with my fingers. Her mouth was small, and her tongue worked skillfully on my ****. I gave her warning that I was about to ***, but she kept sucking, taking my seed down her throat when I came.

I told her that was amazing, and she just smiled and blushed. I dropped to my knees on the floor and started eating out her *****. She didn't taste quite as good as Kim, but her ***** gushed so much. I couldn't wait, and got up to straddle her. She told me to be gentle, that she had never had sex before, she had only ever given head. While my mind reeled with taking this girl's virginity, I slowly slid my **** into her. I felt her hymen and gave a quick thrust, taking her cherry. She only gave a little squeal, as I'm sure the booze and weed dulled her pain.

We ****** for 40 minutes, and Julie had three ******* before I felt my balls swell with what little *** I had left to offer. I told her I was about to ***, to which she replied, "No, not yet, so close..." I went to pull out when I felt my imminent ******, but she wrapped her legs around me, holding me in. We came together, and I filled her ***** with my seed. As with Kim, she fell asleep, and I put her clothes back on before bedding down on the floor.

The next morning, both girls were giving me knowing glances and flirted with me constantly. After that weekend, I never saw either of them again. I don't know if they eventually found out that I had ****** them both that night, and I don't know if Julie got knocked up from me ******* in her. If she did, I've never heard about it. I know it was a stupid decision from a legal standpoint, but seeing as I didn't end up in jail, it was by far the best night of my life.
drogan8 drogan8
22-25, M
May 9, 2012