Three Unexpected ***** In One Day

I guess I've always enjoyed reading erotica and my favourite books are ones written by Nicci Greene. I find her words are able to wet my appetite for **** and wet my ***** for penetration so it's no surprise that recently when I read her recent book, erotic shorts, I became horny and hungry for ****. I'm a single girl so it's not like I can jump my hubby or call my boyfriend to satisfy my needs and after reading a Nicci Greene I always fancy a stranger to fondle and ****. This is my story of how I managed to be penetrated by three different ***** in three different places all in the same day. It started with my usual commute to work. I had downloaded Nicci's new book to my Kindle thy morning and packed it in my case so I could catch a sneaky read in work. I had been waiting all morning to have a read when my morning break finally arrived. I scooted off to the rest room and sat in the cubical so I could finger my ***** as I enjoyed the short stories but I didn't expect to get so aroused as I did. I began to shake all over and decided to go on the hunt for ****. There was a guy in the office downstairs who had stared at me a lot. I didn't fancy him but it was clear he wanted me and I'm nearly sure he sent me a Valentine's card the previous Feb so I figured he would be an easy bet and he was. I went down to his office and asked him to show me how to work the photocopier. His eyes lit up at me merely chatting to him and I did my best bum wiggle as he followed me to the small room that contained the big machine. When inside I leaned over the machine so he had to reach around me to show me. It wasn't long before I felt his **** rising behind me so I slipped my hand round and started rubbing his groin. I asked him what was making him hard and when he said me I dropped to my knees and gave him a blow job that ended with me bent over the copier and him pumping his *** into my already soaking wet *****. I figured that would be me satisfied but as I sat at my desk I thought more about what I'd read and how horny I had been. I sneaked out my kindle and read another chapter before home time but that kept me behind and I had to work late to catch up. When I was finally finished I was the only one left so I got out the kindle and started reading again and rubbing my **** until I exploded into an ****** at my desk. On my way put past security I noticed the two guards sniggering and I went over to them. Much to my surprise I found that thy had been watching me on CCTV and although I was embarrassed I got even more horny. Long story short I ended up behind reception letting them take turns first to lick me then **** me. It was a great day. I don't see the guards much because they start late but anytime I feel horny I stay behind and give them a BJ and let them fondle my boobs. 
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23 Responses May 14, 2012

Extremely sexy story!

Great Story! You do have to watch those security cameras. One time late at night at a motel I went skinny dipping in the pool when no one else was around, only to discover the next morning that the hotel clerk had seen it all on the video monitor.


What a great day at work!!!

Add me so I can see your pictures! Very sexy!

That was a red letter day!

Lucky day; I wanna have a similar experience with stranger ladies now...but they're tough to come by :

You are one kinky and very sexy lady, I would love to have seen tjhat. Please addd me and keep reading Nicci Green, you are making many men happy!

very hot!!

loving this story..,

Very sexy!

Hot wish I could have been one of these lucky three

awesome would luv to b friends

I would love to have you make my balls explode

You are my fantasy made my snake move made it wild n horny Real snake charmer

thats soo hot

i love your stories and would love you to comment on my pics...

I want a job in ur office. Hot story!!

where the **** do you work? i may need to switch jobs. ;)

this experience again makes me jealous of females. It seems to me that if a lady wants "it" she can get it with very little effort.

I sometimes have more than 3 in a day. It does seem unfair but there isn't much we can do about it. Sorry.

I just turned green with envy darlin.

I probably shouldn't tell you this but I had 5 through me this evening.


When I was at school, I had all the boys in my class (about 12 - 14) one lunchtime. Do you think you could have managed to **** 12 - 14 girls in your lunch break?

Maybe ...10 or 11 (yeah, right).

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mmmmm sooooo sexy , what a lucky guy at your work !!!<br />
hope to be your friend ;-)

Damn i new i should have joined the security proffesion

I think Nucci Greene may have a competitor in you. Hot story.

Perhaps, but your story has my **** swollen.