In The Morning And That Night.

I was I guess what would be described as **** buddies with a girl I know. There was a group of us hanging out one night, we were playing xbox and having a good chill session. Most people left but a few friends stayed over and crashed at mine, one slept on the sofa, one on the floor, my friend and his misses had the spare room, and obviously I shared my bed with my **** buddy, it was kinda late and we were so tired that we ended up just going sleep. I woke up to find my **** buddy standing infront of a mirror brushing her hair, naked. I enjoyed watching her and she realised I was now awake, so come over to me and climbed on top, she started to **** me like mad and I *** inside her within a few minutes. Was a great way to wake up. My friend and his misses heard us and when they come out the spare room were laughing and saying "did you guys have a good 'sleep' "? We all went on with our day, we had a party to go to that night so most of us decided to have a day hanging out and then all go to the party together. At the party we met up with more friends and had a great night. I was talking and flirting with a girl most the night. After the party finished we went back to mine with my friend and his misses, all had a few more drinks and more fun. Again they went to the spare room for the night, we were left alone in the living room when she started to kiss me, I was then pulled on top of her and we started to ***** each other off. Ended up having sex right there on the couch in a few different positions. She had a massive ****** and I pulled out of her and just as I was shooting over her face and **** I looked up and saw my friends misses standing in the door way watching a friend stroking my **** as I ***. Was one of the hottest days ever!
phil654 phil654
26-30, M
May 18, 2012