Two Times Two

Once when I was in college, I had a steady girlfriend, Kendra, and we were sexually active, but my old girlfriend Jen made an attempt to reconcile. I wasn't sure what to do. I went over to see her and talk and the talk led to us getting back together, which led to some pretty good sex. Afterwards, I went to see the current girlfriend to break up with her. We ended up having break up sex. I wasn't super clever or suave: things just worked out for me that day.

About 12 or 13 years later, I was dating a girl, Laura, and she was kind of a jerk. She was very selfish in bed and refused to give oral, but often demanded it. I decided to be petty and seek fullfillment elsewhere. I started hitting on a coworker named Renee. Eventually we ended up at a bar after work on a Friday and after that, in bed. We slept together a few times: she was incredibly sexy and had an amazing body. I remember she slept over one night and I was supposed to see Laura the next day. After Rennee left, I went to work, but skipped the gym that day because I didn't want to have to shower. I had Laura come over and we had sex almost right away. I wondered if she would smell Renee's ***** on my ****: she didn't seem to and why would she? She never put her head near it. I remember feeling very smug and staisfied when I sank my **** into Laura that evening, with the scent of Renee still on me.
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Great story,are you still seeing any of these woman or are they in the past

Renee went and got married and is happy, last I heard, but Laura is still single and becoming an old maid. Sadly, she isn't interested in sharing my bed now that I am married too. I did see her on occassion until 2009 or so.

At least you have the memories man