Brothers From Ireland

Daytona Beach - Spring Break in the early 1990s - I heard that there were seven guys there for every one girl, and this girl worked those odds in her favor every night she was there.

One night I met two brothers, Vince and Jerry, who were from Ireland, but attending college in North Carolina. They were staying in the hotel next to the one where I was staying. Vince, the younger brother, asked me if I wanted to go back to his room. I was actually more interested in Jerry, but they were both hot, and I was a horny, drunk 21 year old, so I left with Vince.

Vince and I had your typical, draft-beer fueled drunken screw, and quickly passed out naked in one of the two queen-sized beds in the hotel room. A couple of hours later, I woke up to the sound of Vince and Jerry arguing. Jerry had come back from the bar alone, and he was yelling at Vince to get out of "his" bed. Vince was incredulous - who cared who used which bed - etc. etc., but Jerry kept insisting that Vince get in the other bed.

Vince, roused out of an alcohol and sex-induced sleep, didn't put up much of a fight. He eventually just crawled under the covers of the other bed and pretty much passed out again. The next thing I know, Jerry crawls into bed with me, and he's just as naked as I am. "This is my bed," Jerry told me in his thick, Irish accent. I didn't say a word, I just started kissing him, while he fingered my **** that was still sticky from his brother's *** - a fact that really turned me on, and obviously didn't bother Jerry at all.

Unlike his little brother, who was just a quick, drunk ****, Jerry took his time. He had me screaming with pleasure before adding his *** to his brother's in my hot, satisfied *****. The fact that Vince was in the bed next to us throughout the entire act made me scream even louder. It really turned me on to **** a man with another man in the room.

I hooked up with Jerry again a couple of nights later. Vince wasn't in the room that time, but it was a very pleasurable time as well.
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That's sooo erotic!

seems that you fancied the better lover in the first place anyway!

wowwww very ******* hot !!

Great story ' I had some good times at Daytona beach in the early 1980s.

What happen at spring break stays at spring break. So did you ever see the two brothers again. or was this the one time deal

I headed back to Ohio after that awesome week (which included way more encounters than just Vince and Jerry) and never saw them again. Hell, I didn't even know their last name!

They where both lucky. So any more encounters to tell of your spring break.