It Was During An Affair

Many years ago, and I am not proud of it. On one occasion, while on vacation with my family, I took a long bike ride (actually it was so I could get out to meet the woman I was having an affair with) and met up with my lover.  We spent a couple hours ******* in the woods.  I returned back to my family and had a nice dinner, and some wine.  My wife was in the mood and even though I tried to say I wasn't, she insisted and ended up sucking my sock until I gave in and ****** her too.  I remember feeling bad because she was sucking my **** that had been in another woman just that afternoon, but I felt that if I did not give in, she would have been very mad at me....something I just did not want to deal with.   It was actually cowardly and I now wish I had been honest with my wife about the affair.
worcesterguy52 worcesterguy52
51-55, M
Nov 30, 2012