Two in One Day

Actually those were days of foolishness and experiments. I was having affair with many guys at once, it didn't mean I ****** everyday with new guy. I wanted to keep only one of them but wasn't sure who is sincere enough to keep so I let advance almost everyone who approached me and was handsome/smart enough to be considered.

One of them was too hot to resist for too long. One day on a trip, at a relatively quiet place in suburbs when his hand slid down my skirt, I finally gave in to his charm and let it proceed. It was a good experience and made more memorable by the goof that he had thrown my panties outside the car window while undressing me hastily, overwhelmed by passion. We realized it only after getting more than a mile away, the time it took me to get up and start putting my dress back on. we had to drove back a mile and discover the lost garment because the naked feeling was too embarrassing for me to join the party we were going to.

The night of same day, in home of my uncle with whose son I was also having affair at the time, it happened again. I was changing in his sister's room when he came in. I'm 100% sure (though he never admitted the truth) he had conspired with his sister for this because it was his sister who advised me to change after my dress got stained by her mistake. She offered me any of her frocks and took me to her room but left me at door. I was only in my undies when he entered the room and hold me in his arms from behind. I bet getting me undressed could be hardest thing for him but he had already got me undressed through his cleverness. Afterwards, there was very little of my consent remained to gain which his bold hands managed to get anyway. After less than two minute's resistance, I was lying beneath him on his sister's bed with his tongue in my mouth. He got what he wanted, we parted with a passionate kiss and I appeared on dining table to drawing room in his sister's frock which almost everybody commented on how pretty I looked in and I never returned that frock to her.

I spent that night awake, comparing both my experiences and wondering what would I be called if both guys came to know about the other experience, fearing if they both told their stories to their friends, it'll not take me long to be called a ****. Fortunately my secret remained a secret but I never met again the later guy, my cousin.

If you want to win a girl's ***, you must win her heart first, such trickery can't be counted manly, at least I think so.
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Both these guys where lucky to have you as a lover. Has your cousin ever talked to you again about having sex or maybe he when to screwing his sister. IF she was in on his plan