Story Of My Life (chapter 8). Disciplined - Gangraped

Aye! I'm here again with another story. I apologize for not releasing any chapters for so long because I was busy with my life and school >< I will try to get the chapters out as fast as I can. This is the 8th part of my story so if you haven't seen the previous seven parts , please do before reading this and spoiling yourself :)

Another guy had replaced the first guy and had positioned his **** at my ***** lips. My eyes opened wide as I gasped , " No please! Stop! At least wear a condom! "

However , my warning came upon deaf ears as he pushed himself into my wet *****.He was even thicker than my stepfather's as he shoved it completely into me , not even reaching the base of his shaft as his **** came to a dead end , hitting the back of my womb as I cried out. I could feel his thick member stirring up my insides which had been filled by *** from the first guy.

Without further ado , he pumped his hips onto my butt as he moved like a piston right away. Using the seats beside him as a support , he rammed his hot member into me. Every time he did so , my insides felt like it was being dragged out by his thick member forcefully. I could feel something warm and sticky seeping out of my ***** as it coursed it's way down to my butt and onto the carpet. The ***** from the guy before had been dragged out and was now dripping out.

Ahhh.. Ahhhh.. Ugggh.. A mixture of moans and grunts came out from me as I bore with the exquisite pain of having my tied up and spread out legs rammed against. I could also feel my tight ***** hole being expanded forcefully as he suddenly got even bigger inside of me. The ***** and my fluids only helped lubricate it even further , making it even easier for him to move.

All the while , my breasts had been jiggling about in mum's tight semi-see-through bra every time he smacked his hot member into my ***** and I could see that it turned many of the guys on as they continued stroking their ***** to it. I could see a sly smirk on stepfather's face as he continued recording me being raped. I gritted my teeth in anger and frustration and glared at him.

" Uggh.. I swear.. Ahhh.. I will..!! " I howled as the guy continued pounding into me.

Before I could even finish , he then smirked again as he signaled another guy. The guy smirked as well as he lifted up my body by my arms and the guy ******* me laid on his back as they placed me on top of him just like a rag doll whom only purpose was to satisfy their beastly desires. The pain was horrible , I could feel my thigh muscles being stretched and they could snap any moment now.

" Ugggh.. ******* kill y-- " I continued on as I gritted my nerves and bore with the pain. But before I could finish again , the guy that lifted me up shoved his stiff member into my mouth.

Before I could even react and process what was going on , the guy below me grabbed my hips and pounded into me. And the guy on top was grinning. Every time his **** entered my mouth , I could feel it hitting the back of my throat as I struggled not to choke.

Not even allowing me a single moment to rest , he began ******* my mouth forcibly. I wanted to bite down on his **** , forcing it to rip apart , but his rapid movements prevented me from doing so as I struggled not to gag. Every time the guy below pounded into me , my body swayed upwards and the base of my teeth would caress the shaft in my mouth and he would timed it perfectly that my teeth would dig into his glans , further stimulating himself.

Grinning at me , one of the guys waiting for their turn took one of his hands to where my ***** and the thick **** were connected at and scooped out some of the juices that was flowing out of me like a broken dam and to my surprise , he placed his well lubricated finger on my butt.

Searching for my back hole , he found it as he smirked. Forcefully , he shoved his finger up into my *** as I squirmed about in surprise. I hadn't had any anal play , let alone stimulation before. And having a finger up my *** felt weird as hell.

Mmmhff! MFGGH! I howled but my muffled screams and protests came out as gibberish as the guy ******* my mouth grinned.

That guy began fingering my *** rapidly as I could feel his finger caressing the insides of me. Just then , another guy walked in front of me , with his legs beside the guy whom was ******* me. He then unclasped my bra as they dangled freely , allowing my soft breasts to breathe once more as they jiggled up and down from the *******.

" Wow , how dirty.. " The guy fingering my *** smirked as he pulled out his finger and held it right in my face. It was ****-stained and I winced in shame.

Without warning , he shoved his finger into my mouth that had been pried open by the hot member ******* it. I could taste the taste of my own **** as I struggled not to choke. The feat became even more difficult as the guy ******* my mouth shoved his entire length into my mouth. His dirty long and curly pubic hair caressed my nose as the stench brought me to tears.

I could barely feel him *********** into my mouth as all the ***** rushed down my throat without having me to even taste it. Before long , the guy ******* me below was nearing his climax as well as I could feel his movements getting even more rapid and his **** was throbbing profusely.

" Take it out! " my *****-stained mouth screamed once the guy ******* my mouth took his **** out. " Please! "

He smirked as he thrust at the back of my womb and ********** inside of me. Spurts and spurts of ***** came gushing into me as tears brimmed my eyes. After he had pulled out of me , another two guys replaced them immediately as I was continually raped for god knows how long inside the wretched van.

I could feel something cold poking up my *** from behind as my bindings were taken away at probably the second hour. I had already been transformed into a **** by their thick members as they ravaged me. After they had ********** , they began to rest and by the time one cycle of all ten partners ******* deep inside of me had been finished , their **** would already be stiff hard once more as they continued to **** me throughout , not giving me a single ounce of rest.

My eyes were dilated in pleasure as I was forced to ****** once too many times , I have already lost count how many times I came in the past hour , perhaps over thirty ? My mouth was hung open as drool decorated the carpet. A **** then took me from behind as it pounded into me roughly.

Squish.. squish.. I could hear the sounds of us being connected as I moaned in pleasure. The ***** inside me was a chunky mass and it would spill out so frequently every time he retracted his **** out of me , only to shove it even harder in.

Another guy took his position in front of me as I took his **** into my ***-stained mouth using my hands. I could barely see in front of me , my vision was hazy. I just wanted more and more pleasure. It was probably already in the mid afternoon since the sun was about at forty five degrees now. That'd mean that I had been raped repeatedly for at least 3 hours now.

Mmmm.. mmmmf.. I began to caress his hot member inside my mouth using my tongue ,  attempting to suck him dry of his ***** as the guy behind me pounded into me.

My milky white breasts swayed back and forth with his rapid movements and the guy whom I was sucking off began kneading them , deforming them as he played around with their elastic nature and pinching my nipples which sent a jolt of electricity down my body as I came once more.

The guy pounding into me smirked as he felt that I had came and stuck three fingers up into my ***. All the while they were ******* me , they were trying to loosen my butthole but it was way too tight and they could only manage to squeeze three fingers into the entrance so far.

Sucking the guy like a vacuum , I made him ********* once more as he panted heavily as he took his **** out of my mouth and sprayed it all over my face as I panted.

Just then , my cellphone rang in the corner of the van as it snapped me back to reality. My eyes opened wide and saw who was calling me - Eugene.

My stepfather smirked and took the phone to me and answered the call.

" Trish ? Are you okay ? School has just ended and I was worried. " Eugene's kind voice pierced me as I struggled not to moan into the phone.

The guy behind me , saw how hard I was trying not to moan , smirked as he ****** me harder. I winced in pleasure as I tried to loosen up my voice.

" Haaaa... Eugene.. Don't.. Ahhh! Worry about me.. I'm Ugggh.. Okay.. " moans mixed into my voice as the guy behind me grabbed my breasts and kneaded them roughly.

" Hmm.. ? You sound really weird , are you sure you're okay ? I can hear you breathing really hard from here. " his curious yet worried voice asked.

" Haaa.. Ugggh! " I bit down my lips in frustration as the guy unloaded his *** into me.

" Hahaha don't worry.. I'm just having constipatio-- AAAAAH ?! " I tried to give an excuse but I screamed out in surprise.

My stepfather whom was standing beside me smirked as he had taken out an anal bead from his bagpack and shoved it up into my *** in one go. He then positioned himself behind me and shoved his **** into me.

Knowing all my weak spots were , I could barely hold down my voice as he grabbed hold of one of my legs and lifted it up to the top of the seats and pounded into me. Pain and pleasure enveloped me as another guy smirked and walked over to me and began sucking my breasts , fondling my nipples with his tongue and gently biting down on it.

" HAHAHAHAH! You and your over dramaticness~ Anyways , get well soon. I need to head off for club activities now~ Love you babe! " he laughed it off like it was nothing and ended the call.

I finally let go of the phone as my stepfather smirked , " Looks like you didn't need me to tell you what to do. "

" Haaaa.. more.. Harder.. " I moaned in pleasure as I begged for more , I had totally became a **** from being raped continuously without rest for hours.

The camera that he was holding in his hands served no other purpose than to make me feel even more horny. He smirked as he pulled me towards him and placed the camera on one of the seats. He then laid down on his back and forced me to turn to him.

A **** was then placed into my mouth as I sucked it up greedily. Another guy had positioned himself behind me as I rode on my stepfather's ****. In one go , all three of them pushed into me. I screamed out in pleasure as I could feel my butt hole being violated.

It was still too tight but the guy had managed to get about half of his hot member into me. He tried to push it in deeper but it wouldn't budge , it was the maximum that my hole could expand today. The three of them then slowly began to move in and out of my respective holes as four guys approached us.

Two of them grabbed hold of my hands and used them to stroke their ***** whereas the other two used my foot. My stepfather then pulled me down towards to him as he pinched and played around with my nipples , sending me to the point of ecstasy as I came.

Sensing that I just came , the person ******* my *** grinned and began to fiddle around with my clitoris as he continued pumping into me along with stepfather. I could feel really full as both of my holes got violated at the same time. They had timed themselves perfectly , one of them would move in and another would move out and repeat.

Time seemed to stop for a moment as all of us enjoyed ourselves , trying to pleasure each other more and more , experiencing all of our bodies together. I must had fainted from all that exhaustion and pleasure as I woke up , still stark naked on the floor as I felt sticky fluids all around me. The carpet was already stained white with ***** and so was my succulent body.

Almost every bit of my body was stained with ***** as I opened my eyes sleepily. I could still feel the eruption of ***** inside my ***** as they struggled to get free from the small wet hole out to the open wide space as they flowed out of it like a broken dam.

" I assume you liked it ? " my stepfather's voice brought me back to reality.

I could not even feel my body anymore as I nodded. It was the most fun that I had ever had in my life and I knew that I liked being violated. Being with Eugene alone was not going to satisfy my lust any longer as I bowed down to the monster of my stepfather , following each and every of his command for more pleasure than I can ever imagine.

To be continued.

Aye! It's the end of chapter 8 and there's plenty more of experiences that I had yet to share but I will try my best to get them out as soon as I can and yes. This story is 100% real , some parts might had been written out as I don't recall them perfectly so I had to change a few things here and there but I tried to keep it as close as the real thing as possible.
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