Yes I Have!

I find it to be so hot! Is it wrong? Well maybe to most, but not to me. Sex is never the same with 2 different guys. I have one guy I have ****** that is rough with me when he ***** me. Oh how I love that. We can do naughty things together and enjoy it. Then I would come home and **** the bf. he's more gentle and the entire session can be over in 10-15 minutes. . Sometimes a girl needs more than a wham bam thank you mam. Just wish the bf would realize that. We could have lots of fun if he would allow it!
Justasimplegirl1977 Justasimplegirl1977
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5 Responses Jan 6, 2013

you sure are getting best of both worlds :)

it should be a woman's right to have multiple lovers

Wish more women were open to that like yourself

Had a gf once that we used to see who could get laid the most in a week. She nearly won all the time, except once, I did beat her one week thanks to a lady in the hot tub.

yeah, that' s right, love making is not only the act of sex but the whole process of arousal :) mmmm sweet