Wanting A *********

One evening my girlfriend and I went down to the local watering hole. As It got later she ran across a friend that she worked with. We hung out an drank together for a while. Later in the evening my girlfriend had to go home to be with her son.Before I left to take her home maxine leaned over to me an said. Why don't you come back here after you drop her off. I told her that i could do that. When we were in the car I told my girl what her friend had told. My girl said go back to the bar an take her home. When i dropped her off I went back to the bar an sat back down with Maxine. We drank an chatted an listened to the Dj., talked to some other friends, then last call came around.I talked to Maxine an she was all for coming over to the house. We had some nasty fun that evening exploring each others body. We fell asleep an it was very early in the morning. Later in the morning I feel someone shaking me. It was my girlfriend, she had come over to see how I was doing. Maxine was still asleep laying beside me.
I got up an went into my other bedroom with my girl friend. We layed down on the bed an proceeded to get nasty with each other. As I was pushing my self in to her in the missionary position we heard a stirring. As I was pumping my girl I looked over my shoulder an there was Maxine looking in on us. She turned an walked into the living room. After I got my girl to *** an I released my load deep inside her we got up threw on some clothes an walked into the living room an sat an chatted with Maxine.
My girl decided to go do some chores an figured I was well spent an did not need supervision. Maxine had gotten up an said she wanted to take a shower before she left. I said my goodbyes to my girl an then went downstairs to where the shower was. I ******** down an went in to see if I could help Maxine. She seemed very happy to see me. As we washed each other up I got another bone and proceeded to give her another good ******* We got tired of the water. We dried off an went to the bedroom where we finished our dirty deed. Man that girl had some nice big *******. We talked for a bit after the sex an she got dressed an left. A few days later ther girl friend was ragging on me cause she thought I ****** her last. Maxine had told her at work about the shower sex an my girl was not impressed. I don't know why but she had some idea I should not have ****** Maxine after I ****** her.
I have not ****** Maxine since. It has been some years ago. I see her from time to time but she is usually with her boyfrien or at work an she acts like she does not know me. I would still like to give that honey my **** one mor time. Heres to you Babe.
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Jan 7, 2013