I Had Sex With My 10 Year Old Cousin

hi, when i was 10 i had sex with my 10 year old cousin. I had a mager crush on him. when my mum, dad, grandad and nanny went on holiday they left my 10 year old cousin in my house. He asked me if i wanted to play a mum dad came. i said yes cause i love games. he said do you want to play it the boring way or the fun way. i said the fun way. then he said to preetend i was doing the airning so i did. he came up to me and and grabed my ash and kissed my neck. then he stroked my fagina i laughed very laudly. then he put me on my bed and undressed me then licked me all over. he said stay their and close my eyes. then he got his **** and put it in my mouth i loved it. so now where girlfriend and boyfriend and whenever he comes round he runs to my room and lockes the door then we have sex.
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Can you have 3 way sex with a 11 year old girl (me) please

Yes please

Yes i would **** you im 11 to

Hi...if you want to have sex message me back and we can set something up...


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omg ur so freaken crazy who does that and sex is not a good thing u should never do this