I Had Sex With My Aunt

Okay so one day when I got home from running errands with my mom, and my mom told me she had to go stay at her friends house (her friend was going through a tough time back then) and she was going to have to stay the night. "Is that okay with you?" My mom asked. I said, "ya I can handle myself for a night." So she went to her friends house about an hour later. Then about 30 minutes after she left, my aunt called. "Hi aunt Jo! (Fake name of course)". "Hi ed! (Fake name again)" She replied. "So what do ya need? I'm home alone tonight so I can stay for as long as you need me for!" "Good, good, good. I was just wondering if you could come keep me company tonight. Erica(fake name) is sleeping over at a friends house tonight so I'm kind of lonely tonight" (My uncle left her a year ago). Since I've been very attracted to her for a long time I said, "Of course I can! Should I come over now?" "Sure! And what time will your mom be home tomorrow?" She asked. "Ummm... around noon" I curiously replied. "Okay, I was just wondering" she innocently said "I'll come pick you up." So she came to pick me up around 8 pm and when we got to her house she ran up to her room "I'm just gonna change real quick!" She said as she went in her room. "Okay" I said. "Hey, Ed? Do you think you I can stay the night?" She awkwardly asked. "Yeah. I just need to get home by noon" I replied. "Good. Hey let's watch the movie in my bedroom. You can come on up now" she yelled down to me. "On my way!" I yelled back up. So I ran up to her room and I had a huge erection. When I went into the room, she wasn't there. "Ummm aunt Jo, where are you?" I asked. "Oh, just in the bathroom! Just get in the bed and ill be in, in a second!" She quickly replied. "Alright" I replied very giddy like. I was in my hot aunts bed! How much happier could I be? "Hey Ed, have you ever seen a woman naked before?" She asked. "Only in magazines and online" I replied. "Online? So you know how to have sex?" She asked. "Well not really... Why?" I curiously replied. "Because..." She said as I heard her voice get louder until she reached the door "I'm going to teach you." I was stunned, she was completely naked. Her amazing blonde hair so silky. Her curves everywhere, it was just a sight of heaven. "Okay" I said excitingly. She slowly walked over to me and then said, "you ready?" And I quickly replied, "heck ya!" So she got on top of me and we started passionately making out. I could already tell that this was gonna be an amazing day. "Okay, Ed. I want you to suck my breasts. And every once in a while bite down on them." She said. "I watch **** aunt Jo. I know how to do this stuff." I replied. "Oh, so I don't have to teach you? Good then that means that we can just play around for a while!" She sensually replied. So I started to suck her **** and she started slightly moaning. But I wanted to make her scream! So I bit down a little and she moaned even louder this time she arched her head back closing her eyes. Then when I bit down even harder she moaned the loudest moan I've ever heard! "Yes Ed! Yes!" She screamed. But I wasn't done with her yet! She laid on her back and we started making out again (we like making out we do it whenever we can't have sex). But when that was over I got on my knees and placed my **** right between her two perfect boobs. She pressed both breasts against my penis, covering it. I started moving back and forth and she was moaning again. We did that for a couple mins and then she put me on my back and licked my **** very slowly from bottom to top. Then she started sucking it slowly but got faster and faster every couple seconds. I was about to com so, I asked her to stop and she did because I didn't want the sex to stop just yet. So while waiting for my **** to calm down I sucked her breasts and made out with her. When my **** was calm again I laid her down on her back again. "Mmmmm. Here comes my favorite part..." She said with a smirk. So I grabbed a condom from my wallet (yes my wallet) and started ******* so hard that my **** might've went numb. She was having the greatest sounding ******* ever! I started going faster and harder by the second. When we really got going she put both hands on the wall behind the bed. This ******* felt good. Her legs spread apart, her breasts shaking, her eyes closed as she was moaning, it was just amazing. Then when I felt like I was gonna com, I told her and she took off the condom and sucked my **** again. And when I told her it was on its way, she let it spray on her breasts. She licked it up and said, "Ed. That was amazing. Since you're staying the night, (it was already about 11 at this point) why don't we get in bed and snuggle til that little **** of yours is ready to do this again?" "Okay." I replied with no hesitation. So we got in bed and snuggled while making out. We had sex about three times that night. And whenever she's home alone I go over and we do it all over again.
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You are so lucky! One time my hot aunt hugged me when she was wearing a towel and I wanted to have sex with her so badly.

Then what is stopping you man. Try to make that happen again. Seeing her in the towel. Then press your luck.

I saw her in a towel again today and told her she looked beautiful. She gave me a very short kiss and said "don't tell anyone" ;)

At least you got a kiss from her. Where did you bump into her wearing a towel. Do it again by try kissing her. To where she drops that towel

Sounds like a fantastic time. I did it with my aunt a while back and it was great.

Are you still having fun with your aunt or is she in the past

Well, we did it a few years back. Maybe we'll do it again some time. I haven't seen her in a while though. I guess I could share the story of what happened.

Then share my good man. Tell us the adventures with your aunt. Remember to keep in contact with her. So you don't burn that bridge.Or contact her again and see how she is doing

This seems more like a poorly written fanfic.

Nope it happened legit, dude.

Keep making it happen again and again

Oh it has been ;) she just got implants too. Those were nice to fondle with

Hope you keep playing with her see **** for many years to come. So did she get the new **** for you or for your uncle.

She ended it with my uncle long ago. A little while after this story actually. So I think she got them for me. Idk lol

then worship those twin beauties. Make her feel loved ever damn day

Hell ya I will

Can we see pictures atleast?

I don't think she would be okay with me putting her naked pictures on the internet

You want to keep those pictures just for you. you are a lucky man having aunt like that

So it it still on going with her

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can i have your aunty's phone number please?
haha just kidding!!

You are a lucky man having a sweet aunt like that. So is this still on going with the aunt or is she in the past