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When I Used To Babysit In High School. . .

I would go and join the kids in the shower to was them up. It was innocent enough, kept my clothes dry, and I got clean myself. It was just me, a sweet little 16-18 year old blonde babysitter in the shower washing people...Until it got to those horny 13 and older boys ;-) They used to "trick" me into giving them handjobs, I would teach them how to make out, and in return they would let me practice giving ******** on them. I remember one boy used to bring his friend over and they used to take turns on me ;-)
Hornikittee Hornikittee 18-21, F 30 Responses Oct 5, 2010

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Could you babysit me?

Dam I fill for u r u interest ed in talking with anybody now ? Let me no. If u still do anything like that. Lol I respect u alot but that was mean by them boys to trick u.

that is so hot wish I had been there .

my babysitter would shower with me too she sucked me off a couple of times

Did you just shower with the boys or with the girls also? Did you ever do anything with the girls. I used to do that also when I babysat. But sometimes I would leave my dress on, or my bra and panties (if I was wearing any) just to make it more kinky.

I'm guilty of taking advantage of my situation. I would love for one of the parents to have helped me play with their son.

Are you free this Saturday night?

Why the **** couldn't something even remotely close to this happen in my days???

That's sounds like a great story never had that happens to me before . anymore you would like to share

I lost my virginity at 13 to a 16 year old girl...I was shorter& adorable ...she was french kissing me and making me hard with her hand...she said I should put my hand into her panties to feel how wet she was...the french kissing and petting, I thought I was in heaven.
THEN she slipped her jeans and panties off Her body breasts and ***** were perfect. She lais back and guided me between en her legs. she was so wet that, when she took me between her fingers and slipped me inside her...I came hard...I pulled out and sprayed her ***** and tummy...we kept at it through the spring and summer and stopped after she got pregnant(pretty sure from someone else) and I never saw her again, except in my mind with my hand on my penis.


Wow I wish you wee my babysitter. You could come over and we would talk abou the first thing that came up.


You are so sweet

I wish you were my babysitter

you should babysit me, I would love to shower with you. you could teach me how to please you and Icould show you a trick or two I know.

Where do u live at?

wish I had a sitter like you. What else did you do with the boys? did they play with your ****? *****?

wow!man i wish i was 1 of d boys

lol such fun... lovelly hands you have... hehe<br />
<br />
Kiss<br />

I didn't realize ********** was okay. Wow. You people have no idea the damaging effects the abuse of power can have on children when it's disguised as sex.

Hot?<br />
More like heavenly.where we're you when I needed a shower growing up....or just yesterday,LOL!<br />
Add me pls I see your pics too.

Hey beautiful

Wish I had a babysitter like you

wow, Thats pretty hot, would have loved to be one of the boys

When I was babysitting I had very similar expereinces except being a guy I would teach the boys how to ********** and give girls oral (if there were girls/sisters to practice with) and teach the girls how to ********** and give boys hj's & bj's.

You gave those boys a precious gift. You gave them a menmory they can ********** to for years to *** if not the rest of thier lives! I would have loved a babysitter like you!

Are you still baby sitting? I need you to look after a 32 year old male (some times acts like a kid), needs to be fed regularly and can get a bit fussy if the pressure in his nuts isn't relieved often enough. Although once that is taken care of he is usually ready to be put down for his nap. Payment: constantly available tounge. Willing to start immediately.

Thats sexy as hell! I would have loved to have you as a babysitter. I would not have stopped at blow jobs! The sitter needs some fun too!

Oh wow, this little story made me so hard. I wish I could see your pics, please make me a friend.

can you come babysit for me?!

where were the babysitters like you when I was growing up??