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My Babysitter

I didn't exactly have sex with by babysitter but for me it was a good enough experience to qualify. I must have been about 11 years old, and she would have been about 14 or 15. She lived across the road so always watching us pretty much every weekend. After about 12 months she had a girl friend come round with her who was a year older I think. Anyway, after my brother went to bed (who was about 7) they started asking me about sex and to be honest I didn't have a clue and I felt like they were taking the **** out of me a bit. They started messing around kissing each other and started playing with each others ****. I could tell that my babysitter (won't mention name but will call her G) was a little bit uncomfortable with this and it was led by her friend but she did get in to it eventually.

After a few min they were left on in thongs and I was hard as hell. The mate ( will call her C) tried to get me to take my clothes off but I wasn't keen on it and tried to go up to my bedroom. C was't having any of it. She pinned me down on the settee and made G pull my pyjama pants down. I was rock hard (or at least as well as an 11 could be) and they both looked at it. C started wanking me off and she told G to lick to lick my balls. I was nervous as hell but excited too. C then began sucking me off and the pair would kiss each other occasionally too. It as awesome, I lay there for about 20 mins with them both taking turns sucking my ****. C pulled out a condom (didn't know what it was tbh) and told me she wanted to have sex with me but at thuis point I refused - didn't really understand about sex apart from pregnancy so started to panick. They calmed me down and said it was ok and instead they spent the next hour showing me how to lick them and please them with my fingers to which I obliged and thoroughly enjoyed. I seem to remember them ******* a couple of times but don't remember ******* myself.

They spent the next 6 months teaching me about sex and I did eventually lose my V to them over the following months. I just wish it happened when I was a bit older or could go back in time - I'd nail the pair of them big time - no holding back. Can't complain though - awesome memories.
oldhamlad oldhamlad 26-30, M 11 Responses Mar 21, 2011

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Question did you ever get a cherry? Be honest 80% of boys don't get to pop a cherry . They get virgins with no cherries. That's the official number since 1990. That's because doctors (GYN) break or stretch 20 % and 12% of girls bust and 40 % stretch their own hymens with tampons and ************. And a small percent to accidents . Do you realize that means 20% of boys get all the cherries available. One guy touted nine to me but two were his daughters. Sick .
So tell me . Marymarthazetta

Great story!!!

Me too expect my sitter was 22 and I was 14 man she was hot as ****.

It's not rape ever if its a boy and he wants it. If he doesn't want it at like 10 and under its rape for sure. My husband was raped by his aunt he lived with when he was 11 for two month as she wanted a baby of her own. She got one and it never happened since . He did raise his daughter with his aunts help. She loves him dearly and he forgave her the same year she got pregnant .

haha my son will never have a babysitter :D

you were 11? wow. sounds more like rape.

WOW! cute little boy gets some from 2 hot 15 year old 11...i'm happy for you

good story,bet most of us wish we could go back with knowledge we now have and improve a situation but its all a learning curve.

You lucky bastard!!

Sounds like a young, and old, man's wet dream! Lucky boy!

Great story :)