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Sex With My Babysitter

I was 8-9 yrs old and hade the high school neighbor watch me while my folks went out.

Besides watching me for the evening, which is the normal stuff you. I do know she put me to sleep and I woke up walking in to the family room and she was watching tv. I straddled her lap and was touching her boobs with her shirt on. then I moved my hands under her shirt and she un strapped her bra. I played with, sucked,and kissed her boobs and she let me. She stopped me and sid i should go to bed. As I was walking to my room she said your not going to tell anyone right and I agreed. She is my neighbor and had brothers that I played with. I never said a word to anyone. The next time she babysat me. She poped in a tv dinner and we played a card game. This time I did the same thing and she let me, I remember there was still light out because she closed the family room drapes. this time she removed her shirt and i was playing with her boobs again. this time my hand was trying to get in to her pants and she was stopping me. there was no kissing going on. I went back to her boobs and then tried again to get in to her pants. She didn'tstop me we stopped so she can un button her jeans and i was fingering her. She removed her pants her panties were still on. She was on her knees and I was on the couch, this time she was rubbing my **** and it felt good.  I remember her rubbing me with it sticking out my underpants. The next time she babbysat me again the usual stuff but this time we were in the back play room and she was wearing a dress. I started with her boobs and she lifted her dress up and removed her panties. She showed me how to go down on her and  Ilicked my first *****, I remember there was hair and it was in my mouth. I was licking like she told me then her legs jerked and she pulled away. I had no clue what was happening. I moved to the bed and she started rubbing me and this time my pants and shorts were off and she was stroking me. I really watched her her put it in her mouth OMG I wish I would have known what she was doing, but  I was  under 10y/o. She stopped put her panties back on and told me to get dressed. She again told me not to say anything and I agreed. We went outside to her house nextdoor and it was still day light.  we went to her house and I was down stairs talking with her brothers and she went upstairs. When she came back down she talked to her mom and we wen't back to my house. She asked me if I said anything and I said no. we went back to the back play room and this time she was more agressive, she removed her panties and had me take all my clothes off. She started rubbing me and put it in her mouth then she reached for something in her purse and then ripped it open and put it on my. I had no idea what a condom was.  Iayed down on my back and she sat on top of me. I was looking and touching her boobs then I felt this suction feeling and she was moving as i was touching her boobs. I knew a few years later that  Iwas actually ******* her. She shook again, but this time she clinched onto me and something was happening to me, I thought  I was peeing. when she got off me she took off the rubber thing and  Iwas all sticky. I took a shower she she got dressed. after that she said again tell anyone. I am now 45y/o and am telling this for the 1st time. She went off to college amd lives in Indiana.  
sjholl007 sjholl007 41-45 5 Responses May 9, 2011

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woww I wish I could have babysat and done that to a girl when I was in high school, but maybe her at least 2 years older.

like story

Do you still talk to her or see her?

Certainly feels good to share now, I am sure. Maybe she is reading this now and has fond memories of babysitting you.

I live in Indiana... is she married or single? Does she fool around? Does she want to fool around? Would like to heat about her pubic hair much and how many fingers did you ever put inside her?