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Babysitter Asleep On The Counch

I do not remember our ages but there was a big difference. Anyways my parents are divorced so my mom would have the neighbour girl babysit me on weekends when she had to work. When it first happen I woke form a nap and I went to find my sitter. I found her asleep on the counch, lying on her back. Her big **** right there in my reach, so I started to rub one. Wow her nipple got hard fast, she was not wearing a bra. She stirred a little bit so I just rested my hand on her nipple. But since she did not wake up fully I than put my hand under her shirt to feel her bare breast and nipple. When I exposed her *** completly is when she woke up and also saw my playing with myself as well. But I guess she was enjoying it since she let me contuine. She let me suck on them as well, yes at this point she took her top off. She let me crawl up to sit on her stomach, which than I sucked on one nipple while playing with the other. She than at that point took my hand away from my little penis and put hers there. I do not remember how long that time but wow I really liked that babysitter.
bulldog1972 bulldog1972 36-40, M 22 Responses Aug 1, 2011

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Very nice imagery. Babysitting could be fun :)

Guess, how old were you then? Anyhow you still love to remembering she put her hand on your penis.

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One cousin of my extended family was babysitting me while my step-mom delivered my half sister and breastfeeding her. I was 8 yrs and she 5 or 6 yrs older to me. Jealous of seeing my half sister baby suckling on her mom, I touched on the small mounting breasts of my baby sitter girl. She offered me to suckle.

Thats awesome!

Awww... She was letting u breastfeed :)

babysitters are hot. since they are the first one to be around when we were so curious to explore sex, they always come to be part of our early lives and taught us much about sex. I like hot babysitters.

Did you ever get a chances with your babysitters.

yes, many times on different times and places. 1 girl babysitter taught me how to touch her until i got to rub her ****, she was my first sexmate. only rubbing but it was great for a 12yr old. she was about 11. fantastic babysitters.

How old where you when you had that babysitter where you 12 or was she 12. That young man.

Add me please

mmm very hot

Very nice..

Nice story add me please

I like babysitters that give happy endings

You may be right. There may be someone on here telling a story about when they were young watching the babysitters breasts bounce about as she rode her boyfriends **** on the lounge floor!

Good point on that. Still that boyfriend would be luck to have that babysitter riding up and down his ****.

I certainly was. I used to get Togo round there most Thursday and Saturday nights and we usually ended up making out on the Lounge floor . The lady of the house used to where a distinctive perfume and very time I smell it, it brings back happy memories of that sweet little ***** I sunk my **** into, kissed and licked so intently so many years ago.

So hod long where you sinking your **** into that sweet *****

Not that I know of, but they had every opportunity to watch us from the doorway. We wouldn't have noticed them.

Maybe the did watch. Who knows

I used to join my girlfriend when she was babysitting and had my first experience of feeling her breasts on the couch in the home she was babysitting. The parents had left and I went up to check on the two boys who were supposed to be asleep. I found one of them laying on his bed playing with his ****. I told him to leave it alone and go to sleep but it got me right horny that when I went back downstairs I told my girlfriend what he was doing which got us round to talking about sex and hey presto I managed to cop a feel of her breasts as we snogged intensely on the couch. Eventually we progressed to touching each other between the legs and I got to **** the babysitter but she wasn't sitting me, just sitting on me!

Did the kids parents ever catch you having sex with your girlfriend

babysitters are so hot. they are the first to be around and teach us about sexual activities aside from family members if ever.

this is a wonderful story. Thank you!

WOW, why didn't I have a baby sitter like that when I was young??? Lucky guy you were for sure!!!! :)

what a great experience, very hot

You're very lucky.

How often would she sit you

Sounds like the kind of memory that would be fun to re-create, often, with the right willing partner. Thanks for sharing. TWOF

You start early !