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Babysitting As A Young Teen

I was the babysitter......

Here is my story. Debbie moved in the hood about two yrs ago. 23 single mom of one at the time. we got to know each other after a couple of weeks. one nite she asked if I minded watching her son while she and a couple of her friends go have a few drinks . I told her I didn't mind. all I had to do was sit with him at her home. no problem I said.

Well, at 2:25, she came staggering in the house all drunk and wet from the rain outside. she thanked me and offered me the couch to sleep instead of getting out in the rain so I accepted! a little while later I got up to **** and as I passed her bedroom, the light was on and she was passed out on the bed with just her top on . I stopped and stared at her for a moment. I then went in to cover her so she would not get cold. Well, as I was trying to move her she just started snoring louder. I just stopped and gazed at her shaved ***** and wondered what she tasted like. so I moved my head next to her and smelled it.

She smelled like some kind of flower or something like that. must have been a body wash that she uses. anyway, I started licking her softly. she never moved. after 10 mins. of this my **** was rock hard. I needed relief bad! I ******** my shorts and eased my way between her legs and entered her a little at a time. I did not want to wake her. I slow ****** her tight ***** for twenty minutes until I felt myself starting to ***.

I sank in her to the hilt and stayed there until I fires 5 or 6 ropes of *** in her. after I came, I got up and got a rag and cleaned her up as best as I could. I got dressed and left. the next day she called me and thanked me for watching her son. I told her anytime she needed me, just to call. about a month later she asked if I would watch her son again because she had a doctors appointment.

So when she returned, she was crying. I asked if she was ok. she looked at me and told me that she was pregnant and could not remember how it happened. in my mind I knew! I never said anything to her after that.

Now I don't mind watching her son and my daughter whenever she wants to go out with her friends.

bigbadwolf75092 bigbadwolf75092 56-60, M 8 Responses Oct 8, 2011

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that's niot good

I can NOT for the life of me believe any one could be so drunk to not know some one was doing all that!! I have been drunk on my ***, passed out and I can tell you this, if I had that done to me I know I would "snap" back!!
oh snap!!!!

your not helping the black race

Is there like a string of girls that you have ****** pregnant? lol

Good for you!

You clearly have a responsibility here, and you know what it is.

Yes, I did own up to my responsibility, although we are no longer together, I have supported my daughter.

At least that!

Pretty hot story...kudos.

Why don't you tell her that you where the one that nocked her up. But are you still seeing her.