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Babysitter/gymnastics After

Well I was like 13 when I lost big v she was my babysitter/gymnastics lady it was after gym and I was scared none of my parents picked me up yet and It was closing and one of the lady I had crush on she babysat me a few times well she was walking to her car when she saw me cause I waited outside and she asked if I was okay and I said ya she said why are you out here and I said cause no one came for me yet and she asked if I needed a ride and I had to call my mom she didn't pick up so I just left then we got into her car and on the way to my house she said if she can swing by her house I've never been so I said sure she let me in and then out of no we're she kissed I was scared then I kissed her back and you should no the rest about 30 min later we left when I got home my parents were worried sick so I just said we got out late and then walked home
Babybottom Babybottom 13-15, F 13 Responses Jan 1, 2012

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Punctuation motherf*ck3r. Learn it.

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Sounds like you had some fun !!

Pls tell more

You can tell more if you like.

I want to have babbysiter sex

nice tnxs 4 sh@r1ng

Sounds like juvenille rape to me....

Help me with the rest please, I'd like to hear / read it from you - how you remember it... sD


nice. thanks for sharing.