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I Babysat Two Girls

They were 7 and 11. The 11 was brunette and 7 was blonde. both lovedme because I was more fun than their other babysitters. Their mom rarely called me because she had a usual sitter but whenever she couldnt make it the mom would call me, the neighbor boy. This first experience happened when I was 17, and still a virgin.
The girls like to cuddle up with me when we did anything. Watching tv, playing games, or taking a nap. They had no idea what a nonetheless was but I'd freely rub it on them with our clothes on. They never seemed to notice. The girls were supposed to take their own baths on their own but they wanted to take them together so I let them. id go into their mom and dads room and smell their moms underwear.
The girls kept calling for me to cone help them wash and I asked if it was okay and they said yes. So I tried to keep it innocent as i came in. They were both naked and wanted me to play dolls with them and be their husband. Well I played dolls and then i finally said its time to get washed. The older one went ahead and got clean and made me close my eyes when she got out. So I did, but I peeked :)
The younger one had trouble cleaning so I told her once her sister got out wed get her cleaned up. I was washing her little 7 year old bodu and I'd linger on her nipples, @ss, and puss areas. she really liked it so I rubbed her **** and watched her squirm with delight. I decided to play a game with her and she was very interested. I turned off the lights and asked her if she could guess what was in her hand. We started with soap. Then the shampoo bottle... Then my cawk. She couldn't guess what it was so i told her to massage it. she did. Then i told her to lick it like a lollipop. She did. I came inside her mouth and congratulated her when she guess it was some sort of popular candy. She never even knew. Afterwards we dried her off and put her in bed. The older one snuggled up with me on the couch and watched a show with me on tv. I was already rock hard again and her back was pressed on it. I started massaging her and asked if sheliked it. It was a fun massage with like karate chops. She said yes so I moved down to her lower back, then I went yo her chest and mssdaged her petite breasts. She fidgeted at first but stopped and began to enjoy it. i pinched her nipples and made them as hard as I could get. Then I moved my hands down gently and firmly to her crotch and began rubbing her ****. She squirmed but then spread her legs in enjoyment. I rubbed her for a minute then asked if she liked it. she said yes. I asked if she wanted to feel something even better. She said yes. So I slowly put my hands under her panties and shorts and pulled them down. Then I got on my knees and got in front of her on the couch and began licking her *****. She squirmed until her legs and body started *******. I knew she came. I asked her if she wanted to make me feel good too and she said yes so i placed her hand on my ****. I then pulled down my pants snd underwear and sat down. I showed her how to lick the head and suck without using her teeth.
I came after 5 minute inside of her mouth. She seemed to like it. We began practice kissing afterwards. Every time I babysat for them from there on me and the oldest one would perform oral sex. Im 22 now and shes 15.I don't babysit anymore but she walks over to visit me when I'm home ;)

EDIT: (updated on July 10th 2013, at 4:35pm)

Hello everybody.    Original poster here. Just following up on this story. It seems many people have read it on the website at this point, when I wrote it I was just wanting to share my story to other kinks and for fun. Now (at this moment) 22,806 people have read this story and the numbers continue to grow.   I'm now 24. As per since the oldest girl is now 17. She's a senior in high school and has boyfriends very consistently. This doesn't stop her from seeing me and I live about an hour away now. We drive to meet at least once a month and she tells her mother shes staying the night at a friends place.  We have s3x every meeting and we truly enjoy each others bodies. Sometimes her boyfriend will call while were fooling around and I encourage her to answer and talk to him while i'm on top or behind her.  She is amazing at giving head and she truly enjoys it. We don't do anal or anything like that. But we usually just cuddle, watch a movie, go to the theater, get some pizza, play some xbox, have oral and regular s3x, and things like that. She is getting into BDSM some and I have since purchased handcuffs, gags, a vibrator, a whip, a leather blindfold, and some rope to bind her with. I've become more than something s3xual for her I feel and she is my way to be more open with my desires. I love her but I haven't told her about that. She also doesn't know about this website or this story. Nor do I want her to know.
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good story was fondled by my babysitter when I was13

Do tell

It looks like you are in love with her

i enjoyed reading this. I caught myself rubbing my ***** as I got to the end of the experience. I had some great babysitters (both sexes) when I was a kid. We alway had some sexual game going on. We got caught on occaission, but that was ok too.

I enjoyed this a little too much. Great story!

Do u got more

Wow, I should have been a babysitter!

Damn i wish i was you! But im still 13 so :P

It's easier to stick to girls your own age, trust me.

be a babysitter find families that have young daughters and then do what milanor31 did in this story

i did this kind of things with my neighbours

How lucky can be two girls same nite?
I wish it was me

Well the youngest one I only messed with that one time. I knew she wouldn't know what happened and would be too little to remember.
The older one understood the things were private and promised to never tell.

Very nice! Such a good babysitter;)

Thank you :O)

Damn Lucky Dog!

dont listen to those idiots. they just came to troll. why else would they be reading this ;)

Exactly, some people get off to acting as if they're innocent. Meanwhile they probably have **** running in the background

Yeah adult ****


That is fantastic. Would love to chat about your adventures. Add me please

Yeah just let me know if you want to chat about it.

how do u get away with this kind of story. If I even write boob EP say i have improper words in it. But u got away of lot better then I can. Can u tell me how I can do that. I have lots stories to tell. but can not

Definitely. Add me and lets chat