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Sex With The Babysitter

When I was 14 I had a babysitter staying with me for the weekend while my parents were gone. She was an 18 year old, blonde, that was about a few inches taller than I was. One day her and I were watching TV in the living room. I kept glancing over at her and eventually got a *****. I tried to hide it but I just made it more obvious. She grabbed my **** and began rubbing it through my pants. Then she pulled my pants off and started to give me a *******. After about 5 min she asked if id every seen a girls **** and I said no so she pulled her top up. I started to fondle them and she kept stroking me. After about 15min I came on her pants and stomach. After that day she would give me handjobs everytime she babysat.
TMW115 TMW115 22-25, M 2 Responses Jul 21, 2012

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How tall was she?

nice story are you still getting hand jobs from this sexy blonde or has it move up to full blown sex.

I saw again once and we did have sex.

So was it just that one time sex. Or are you still seeing her

It was a one time thing unless I go back home and see her again.

go back home and see her again. Have her as a friends with benefits

Maybe i will. Idk yet. Lol

Just do it man.don't think about it

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