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I Was The Babysitter

This boy about 14, love to see my boobs, I used to wear summer dresses without bra, I know I have big boobs, but I love to be braless.
Well one night we ordera a PPV movie, popcorn, soda, the holw 9 yards, It was kind of borin g for me, so I laid down in the sofa and kind of fall a sleep, my boob popped out, and I didnt care, so a minute later he realized what happened, and since he whought I was sleeping, he came close to see my boob, I could feel him breathing on my chest, he touched my nipple with the tip of his finger and my nipple went hard as a rock, I didnt move, he touched me again, this time, he went in circles around my nipple, he was in trance, I let him do this for a while, then I moved a little and he moved away in a flash.
he coudnt watch the whole movien, it was stearing at my cleavage all the time.
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Bad boy

Very nice! That boy is lucky!