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My Favorite Nanny

my favorite nanny was named Christine. She was soo pretty and had long black hair. she was from japan and she needed money. so my parents gave her a job as my nanny. she tended to my every whim. I was 13 and she was 18 so she was quite older than me. I had never seen any sexual thing in my life, until that day. when my parents went on a 2 week vacation for their anniversary, Christine immediately after they left came to my room and dragged me inside. she told me, have u ever seen a girl naked and I said, "no". so she went to her car, got a duffle bag of stuff. at that time I did not know what was going on. she came into my room again, and locked the door again. she then put the bag on my bed. she put me on my chair and made me sit there. she slowly took off her shirt. my **** was already rock hard. then her tight short shorts. then she took off her panties and her bra. I was just staring at her. then she went into her bag and took out a collar and a lease and other supplies. she put the collar around her neck and gave me the leash. she told me that I was her master and I could do anything with her I want. she knelt down on all fours and barked like a dog. I said, "I don't know what to do." she said, let me get u started. so she picked me up and took off my clothes until I was naked. she then started sucking my d**k and I moaned a little. she then took my d**k and put it in her p***y. she was so tight. she told me to push in so I did and she gave out a moan. i said ,"are you okay? did i hurt you?" and she said no matter what i say don't stop. so i pushed and pushed then we both collapsed on the bed. we were tired, i was super tired. she then got up and unlocked the door and went to the kitchen to make some dinner. so i went down stairs and just sat on the table looking at her cooking in the nude. she then brought some leftover sushi from the kitchen and some boiled vegetables and a warm baked potato. then i said, "where was the plates?" and she said that she was the plate, so i looked intrigued. she then placed the food on her naked body and made me eat off of it. it was fun she put the baked potato in her p***y and when i pulled it out, it was covered with her womanly juices. after that we went to bed. the next day i got up and she was already on all fours waiting for me to wake up. she brought to me a bag which had things that were like my penis i thought to myself. then she explained everything to me. so i grabbed a butt plug and put it in her butt and she moaned a little. i said that she would have to wear it for two weeks. then i grabbed the leash and put it on her collar. then we walked around the house. she then wanted to play with me so i told her to suck my d**k and she did. she started off slow and then she went fast. it felt so good. i then put my fingers in her p***y like she told me too so i pushed and pushed and she moaned and moaned. i actually got my whole fist in there. then i just fisted her insides vigorously. then when i pulled it out she screamed. i was totally shocked. then i put my d**k in her p***y and we made love in the morning. then i sucked her boobs for the first time. it was fun. then i probably f****d her about like 5 or 6 times each day. then on the last day when my parents were coming home, i told her to come to my room then i made her kneel on all fours. then i reached for the butt plug that was jammed into her anus. so i pulled and pulled, but it was stuck in there. i finally pulled it out and she moaned very loudly. then i took a flashlight and told her to play doctor with me so we did. so i inspected her anus. it was red and it was a big hole. she said to put my d**k in there so i did and she screamed and screamed but i didn't stop. i kept on pushing in her anus and i fisted her p***y and grabbed one boob and kissed and tonged her mouth. that was probably the best 2 weeks of my life. i still am in contact with her and we still get together. there are some things that i could not tell you because it would be very bad, but it was the most amazing 2 weeks of my life.
kni8t kni8t 22-25, M 2 Responses Aug 23, 2013

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Very hot! Love the story

You lucky man getting that sub nanny. So how long was she your nanny. Did your parents ever find out about you and the nanny. Keep the contact (sex) with her for many years to come

Well she stayed as my nanny for about 3 more years so when she was 21 she left and my parents never found out and we didn\'t have sex after she left but we had more sex before she left like when my parents went on other vacation or like date night

So before she left did you two ever have any one else join your two some. Now that you are older are you still having sex with that sweet asian hotty

Nope it was our little secret and no one else knew about it and no we don\'t have sex now

That was good it was your secret. But why are you two not having sex now

well she moved away so I don\'t really see her anymore

At least you have the memories of that sweet woman


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