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My First Full On Sex

My first sex was with my babysitter.  I was 16 and she was 18.  I hated having a babysitter because I was old enough to take  day care of the others but my mother insisted.  One day she heard me complain and when my parents left she said that she agreed but needed the money and said she would make me love it.  She grabbed my **** and I was hard instantly.  She ******** me down and sucked me for a little bit until I was rock hard and I mean solid.  Shed took of her clother except for her panties which i loved and started to sit on my ****.  It felt so good and I loved it.  We had many more sexual experiences after that until she went off to college but we still see each other now and again.  I was even recently in a ********* with her.

thighhighjerker thighhighjerker 26-30, M 24 Responses Nov 3, 2009

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Now, that's what's called customer service.


I am wet

i might need that kind of babysitter

Hot Story.

Good story, I was much younger and my sister tried thing with me!

lucky guy *woot*

Lucky bugger. ;-)

great story,I loved it

add me pls

that is some nice sex story

If you would like some sexting add me I am sooo wet

You were lucky and I would have loved a baby siter at 16 to take care of me in that way,

No kidding lucky ..... Darn , some guys get all the luck ! Any of the encounters w/ sitter errotic for us ...

damn u were lucky

I am jealous.

you lucky sob. when will we see the story about you and her,and the other person.

Great story. She really knew what you needed.

They never found out

I may still need a baby siter...

I bet it didn't take long to shoot that load, did it?


Good story!

Good story!