Sex With My Best Friends Dad

When I was a teenager I loved going to my friend Chrystal's house. Her parents were cool and a lot of fun. Unlike my rather strict mother, Chrystal's mom would talk to us about boys, sex - just about anything. Her Dad was pretty cool always cracking jokes usually about women but he was fun.

It wasn't long before I noticed her Dad watching me. If we wanted to stay out later he'd have me do jumping jacks. (Like I didn't know it was for him to watch my bouncing body) I liked the attention and Chrystal never said anything.

It wasn't long before what I wore to sleep in changed from long flannel night gowns to boxers and tight white tank tops that would show the darkness of my nipples. Or long shirts and panties so my panties would show when I bent over. I was a tomboy and into sports so my legs were muscular and I wasn't the skinny I thought most girls wanted to be. I loved the attention he made me feel sexy.

Her Dad and I were usually the first ones up, Chrystal could sleep in past noon which was never allowed at my house. So I'd lay on the couch and watch TV with her dad. I always made sure he had a view either down my top or up my shorts. He didn't even try to hide that he was looking. Once he playfully pulled on my tank top strap and it snapped and we play wrestled when he tried to do it to the other strap. But mostly I just laid there while he read the paper or flipped channels. He'd slowly stroke my calves and when they were sore from track he'd massage them for me telling me how great my legs were.

I got to stay the night for new years eve and they had a big party and Chrystal snuck a bottle of champaign from the party. We got drunk and were just being silly when her Dad caught us and sent us to bed before anyone else saw we were drunk. He was so cool, my parents would have had a fit.

I got up in the middle of the night and was sick and spinning so I ended up sleeping on the couch. I woke up to Chrystal's Dad running his hand up my stomach and cupping my breast, he had pulled my tshirt up to my neck exposing me in just my panties. I was sleepy and drunk and although I didn't want him touching me I figured he'd stop soon and i'd be easier if I pretended to stay asleep.

I have to admit the sighs and moans he quietly made while playing with my breasts turned me on more than his cold fingers pinching my nipples. When his other hand started moving up my legs I just figured he was going to massage me again, only they didn't stop at my inner thigh. He ran a finger up across my panties between my legs and ever so slowly pulled them to the side. He started rubbing my lips as he continued playing with my breasts. My body reacted and I got wetter. When he slid his finger inside me it was all I could do to not cry out. His moan was pure pleasure as he slid his finger all the way into me and began to gently finger me.

He knelt down and began sucking my breast and fingered me for what felt like an eternity. I did all I could to stop myself from ******* but my body betrayed me and I came hard shaking with a loud cry and I grabbed onto his hand to keep him going. When I finished I pushed my shirt back over my stomach thinking he'd go away now.

Now that I was awake and obviously came he climbed onto the couch and onto me. Laying down on top of me with one leg between mine he pushed my shirt back up and started playing with me roughly. I whispered "no, we can't do this" and he just ignored me, leaning down to suck on my neck then push his tongue in my mouth.

I tried pushing him off me but had no strength and he easily pushed my hands aside and kept on having his way with me. When he tried pushing my legs apart he had more trouble so he started fingering me again and whispering in my ear "doesn't that feel good? Your ***** is so tight." I tried asking him to stop and he just kept on ignoring me fingering me harder telling me to *** all over his hand again. When I relaxed to his fingering and stopped trying to pull his hand out of me he slipped his other leg between mine and started rubbing his tip against me. Laying down on me pinning me his breath was hot on my neck as he kissed me and mumbled to me. I tried fighting him off again but i couldn't get my arms under him to push him off and I couldn't get my legs closed again. He had me.

He inched his way inside me slowly as he kissed me and sucked on my bottom lip. He was bigger than any of the boys I was with and even though my ***** was wet and ready I could still feel him stretching me out to fit inside. When he bottomed out he told me what a tight little ***** I have and that I have to take it all. It hurt when he pushed farther inside me. Still resting all his weight on me he began sliding in and out of me slowly, his hands went under my *** to push me up to meet his thrusts. I was panicked this was my best friends dad, she'd never forgive me. So I laid there as he ****** my limp body moaning into my neck sucking my breasts talking dirty to me about how good I felt.

His thrusts got harder and he pushed deeper, it felt like he was ripping me in two and bruising my insides so i bit my lip to stay quiet and finally he pushed deep into me one last time and I could feel him throbbing and him shooting his hot liquid inside me. When he collapsed on top of me I tried to push him off but didn't have any luck and my drunken exhaustion sunk in and I fell fast asleep.

Hours later the sun was just breaking into the sky and I woke up to him hard inside me playing with my breasts again. When he started sliding in and out I was sore and dry my head pounding I tried to just sleep. But he got off me and slid me 1/2 way off the couch and rolled me over and stuffed himself back inside me and ****** me doggy style. It hurt even more when he went faster and deeper but this time he reached around and played with my **** and the pain didn't seem so bad. He bit my back and kissed me while I came. Gripping my hips he railed me for what felt like forever until he finally came in me. This time he got up and went to bed.

I avoided going to Chystals house for a few weeks after that until I could tell she was getting upset. I rationalized that he was drunk too and it'd never happen again. He never crossed that line before. So I agreed to stay over again. Everything was back to normal until he caught me in the kitchen by myself he told me he couldn't stop thinking about me and I was the best he's ever had and can he just hold me one more time. I told him no and walked away. In the morning as much as I tried to sleep in like Chrystal I just couldn't. I gave up and went into the living room and there he was like always watching tv and reading the paper. When I sat down next to him he scooted closer pulling my legs onto his lap. As he massaged them he started telling me how beautiful I was and how amazing being with me was. Like it was consentual and I let him. He asked if I'd let him again and I said no. While massaging me his hands kept getting higher on my legs but I kept them together tightly. He just massaged me gently and when I finally relaxed he spread my legs and rolled in between them. But this time with his face in my panties.

His hot breath against my panties was amazing and when he quickly pushed them aside and buried his face between my legs all my fighting ended and I laid there as he kissed, licked and sucked me. When his fingers slid inside of me my body jerked and i began thrusting my hips to bury his face deeper. I came and he kept going making me *** and *** again until it hurt and my body NEEDED him inside me. I mentally begged him to put his **** inside me, make me hurt like he did last time, but I was not about to ask. When I started pulling away from his face he grabbed onto my hips and sitting up pulled me onto his ****. He slid in easily this time and I came again just from his fullness inside me. This time when he was bottoming out in me the pain felt wonderful.

So thats pretty much how it went when i stayed the night. The mornings I spent with Jeff having sex until the rest of the household woke up. After a while he stopped trying to get me off so much to start since I was willing and he'd bend me over and slide inside me when he got a moment alone with me. Be it in the garage when I went to grab a soda or in the bathroom brushing my teeth before bed. Sometimes he wouldn't even check to see if I was wet yet. Just walk in push me down or make me bend over, push down my panties and slide inside me. Telling me how much he missed "His *****". Those times hurt more than they felt good but I liked that he couldn't control himself and needed inside me so badly. I even liked how raw and sore he left me.

Obviously I didn't mention any birth control and sure enough I ended up pregnant. When I told him he was ecstatic and couldn't get inside me fast enough. Telling me how much he's going to love holding my big swollen tummy when he ***** me and sucking the milk out of my breasts. I spent more time at Chrystal's with him inside me than I did hanging out with Chrystal. He'd come up with chores for her to do or errands for them to run. I hid the pregnancy from my parents and when my period came 2 months later I was relieved but he was just that much more determined to put his baby back in me. When I figured that out I went to planned parenthood and got on the pill straight away. Pretending I didn't know why my period kept coming.

Chrystal and I started hanging out with different crowds when she got a new boyfriend and I eventually stopped staying over. We lived in a small town though and when I ran into Jeff I'd let him push my pants down and bend me over, but it wasn't the same for me anymore. His need didn't make me feel sexy instead I felt bad for him when he talked about how much he still wanted me in his life, so I'd let him **** me again, promise to meet up with him but never followed through.
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wow, i just *** twice .... love it

What a hot experience! I'm so jealous I didn't get to have that in high school. After him, did you find that you liked other guys to be a little rough with you and force you?

Well you were good to him for long enough. When it's not mutual, there's no more reason to do anything like that.

You are a wonderful woman. Well done!

Did Chrystal or his wife ever find out? Add me cutie?

Hot story, what did Chrystal and her mom think or say about all this.?

Nothing really other than I was his favorite of her friends. I could come over when she was grounded. lol

I think alot of men have fantasies about being with a sexy teen girl, but I am sorry that he forced himself on you. I hope you feel no guilt for any of this; you certainly shouldn't!



This is one of the best experiences I have read about so far. It must have impacted you deeply, do you find you crave a similar experience when you are with other men?

Love the story

Wonderful story, very erotic

I stayed over there from age 13-17. He started when I was 17, last time w/ him I was 19.

WOW that was A pretty wild story 4 sure , So just how old were U when all this took place ??