Lost My Virginity To My Best Friend's Dad

I had been seeing my friend’s dad on and off for months ever since my 15th birthday when he kissed me for the first time. He started picking me up from school and we would kiss and he would feel me up. Then one day in my house when my parents were out he showed me how to make a man *** and to give blow jobs.

After that when he picked me up from school I would suck him while he drove me home. It wasn’t long before his hands started to feel between my legs and then inside my pants. Sometimes as I was bent over in the car sucking him he would grab my *** then rub between my legs. One day he stopped the car at the side of the road and put his hand inside my skirt. We kissed while he fingered me and I had my first every ******. After that I became braver and started asking him to finger me.

Sometimes my friend would ask me to come for sleepovers in his house at the weekends. That was fun because she didn’t know that I was giving her dad blow jobs after school on Wednesdays. Not a lot happened at those weekends because she was there but he would try to feel me when he could and I would try to feel him. I remember one time begging him to finger me all weekend. He kept telling me to be quiet and was getting annoyed at my constant asking until we were sitting together on the Saturday night and Laura said she was gonna go to the shop to get sweets and chocolate. She asked me to come but I said I was too tired. Her dad knew what I wanted and when she left he walked into the kitchen. I followed him in and jumped up onto the kitchen counter. I spread my legs and said finger me now. He walked over and planted his lips on mine. He grabbed at my **** and shoved his hand hard in between my legs. He was rough and it turned me on. Within seconds his fingers were ******* me and his other hand was inside my bra really grabbing at my ***. His tongue was buried in my throat and I found myself opening his belt. I reached in grabbed his hard **** and started pulling at it. Things got really heated and there was a lot of heavy breathing, moaning and grinding together. Next thing I knew I felt something enter me. It wasn’t his fingers. I looked down and gasped. He ****** into me really hard and I felt it push inside. He bucked faster and harder and pounded my body grabbing at my **** and pulling them out of my bra. He grunted and I moaned loudly in a pain that was heaven. Then we heard the front door. He stepped back and tried to pull himself together. I jumped off the counter and nearly fell on the floor. My legs were like jelly. His fingers shook as he buckled his belt and we heard Laura shout hello! He turned and moved quickly into the living room. Moments later she walked into the kitchen and I turned my back still fixing my top.

I was a quivering mess but that’s how I lost my virginity. That night nothing else happened and I didn’t see her dad for weeks. I thought he maybe didn’t want to see me again but then came my 16th birthday party. He brought Laura to the party just like he had done the year before but this time he stayed for a bit.

He told me I looked very pretty and told me that he needed to talk to me. I was nervous and worried he wasn’t going to see me again. It was ages before we could be alone but when I went upstairs to the toilet he followed me up. He came into the bathroom and locked the door. He took both my hands in his and told me he wanted to gave me my birthday present. The year before he gave me a kiss so what would this year bring I wondered. He told me to lean over the sink so I turned around and grabbed it. I felt him pull down my pants and then he started licking me. It was an amazing feeling. I was nearly at the point of ****** when I felt him enter me again. It was magic like all the stars from the sky were being pushed into my body. He ****** me doggy style on my birthday and my body exploded from the inside. It was the best ****** ever and it kept going even after he pulled out.

He walked away leaving my body shaking and to be honest wanting more. Things quietened down for a while and I hardly say him much that year. I heard he had met a woman and was dating her so I accepted a request from a few boys for a kiss and a grope. I even gave out a few blow jobs in school but I wanted to feel my friend’s dad inside me again.

I decided I would take a bus one Wednesday after school to his house. When I got there I went round the back but the door was locked. The light was on in the downstairs bed room where I would sleep when I stayed over so I went over to peak in. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I could see only a bit when I looked through the crack in the curtain but just enough to see two naked bodies. He was ******* someone and I figured it was this woman. I started touching myself and kept watching. It reminded me of the **** we used to watch. I got really horny then it all stopped and she sat up but it wasn’t a woman. It was a girl. She didn’t go to my school but I recognised her uniform when she started putting it on. She looked a few years older than me and in my opinion wasn’t as pretty.

I waited until she left then I knocked the back door. He came to the door in just a robe and smiled. He asked what I was doing at his house and I told him I wanted to suck his ****. He brought me into the kitchen and opened his robe. I got on my knees and pressed my face in between his legs. I could smell the aroma from her ***** and it drove me wild. I licked all over his **** and balls tasting her with my tongue before I started sucking him. I massaged his balls and sucked him hard until I knew he was just about to *** and I stopped and stood up. Don’t stop he said. Keep going but I ignored him and sat up onto the counter. I pulled aside my pants and said I wanted it in me. He was frustrated and needed more so he shoved it in. He rode me hard on the counter an in nearly the same spot I lost my virginity. He ****** and ****** me until he pulled out and jerked his *** all over my throbbing *****.

I loved it! I pulled over my pants kissed him and said goodbye. He asked me to come back next Wednesday and I said maybe and left. I sat on the bud that day with his *** in my pants and I felt like I was in control and I knew one thing, I wanted more.
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Very sexy story!!

I love this story! Mmm, you are so sexy!

Damn your an incredible woman

Nice and Hot story , surprised you did not tell him you knew his **** had just been in an other *****.

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Hot hot story :)

this is a super hot story, and I hope you have more material like this coming :)

you should write stories for a living, your realy good at telling the reader how it went down! got me horny .... cheers!

Hot story! WOW, if you like it, do it.

Seriously hot. I love how he just took you.