My Best Friend's Dad And I Had Sex

During my freshman year in high school I met my best friend. We hit it off immediately and it didn't take long before we began having sleep overs. Her family was far more easy going than my own but I'd only met her mother and sister so far due to her father's traveling keeping him away from home more often than not. At the time, if I slept over at someone's house, I wouldn't sleep because I mumbled in my sleep specifically about things I was attempting to keep secret. Since during that time I was dating a guy my parents did not quite approve of, I wanted to keep my relationship with him completely under wraps. Moving on to the first time I met her father - I'd assumed that my friend's parents were divorced and so I felt fairly comfortable in tank-tops and sleep shorts seeing as it was a household of fellow women. It was around 6 AM and I hadn't slept a wink so I'd borrowed my friend's book and was reading it to stay awake. My friend had fallen asleep on the pull-out couch in the family room so I was laying beside her on my stomach which is when I heard the keys in the front door. I raised my head and looked into the kitchen only to see my friend's dad walking through, he was fiddling with his blackberry and shifted his eyes to where my friend and I were laid out as he walked into the room. I remember thinking that he reminded me of a hunk from a movie and that he must have been tremendously sexy in high school. I said good morning and smiled at him then put my head back into the book I was reading. "Good morning, you're an early riser I see." Upon hearing him speak I rose my eyes again and smiled at him (slightly annoyed he'd interrupted my reading since I'd just gotten to a good part!), I told him I love to see the sun rise and the silence that comes from no one being up yet. He nodded his head and smiled approvingly. I looked back down at my book but kept an eye tilted up toward him underneath my bangs, I noted he leaned around just enough to see my face and he attempted to get my attention. I lifted my head and told him it was a pleasure to meet him, smiling, I waited for him to leave, but he lingered for a moment and his eyes traced down to my cleavage briefly then he shook his head slightly and walked away. I went back to my reading and brushed off the incident - it had happened tons of times before with other men, I have a chest (C cups by that point) and an hourglass figure so I'd gotten used to it over the years. After that incident, my friend and I got closer so she would tell me when her father was out of town, though it always happened that the only weekends I was able to stay over were almost exclusively the ones he was home (hooray for ****** coincidences) over the next couple of years. Since I was always up so early, I would leave my friend to sleep in peace and go read or listen to music or watch what ever was on at 6 AM [doing my best to stay quiet], and it never failed that my friend's dad (who we'll call Mr. BA) would come sit with me. Usually he'd sit in a chair across the room and I'd stretch out on the couch, we'd talk for hours while the family slept. After about ten times, Mr. BA would come sit on the couch with me. I sent him small little messages that I liked him, letting my eyes linger on his lips, occasionally letting myself get caught staring at his crotch, and sometimes he'd trace me up and down with his eyes and one day I was especially stressed since I had broken up with the guy I'd been dating so he offered to give me a massage. He took me into the guest room and told me to lay down on the bed, I knew what it was starting to seem like but figured it was just my imagination. He straddled my waist, lifted my shirt to reveal my entire back, unclasped my bra, and began massaging my shoulders and back, grazing my breasts from my sides as he did. He kept moving lower and lower then I felt him kiss my neck here and there, slowly tracing my back with them as well. Soon I felt Mr. BA's **** harden against me and I got wet which is when he reached into my panties and started fingering me. I gasped but covered my mouth. He smiled and started whispering in my ear how good I felt and how bad he wanted me. I squirmed beneath him and came. Then he left me and came back after a few minutes. Thinking it was someone else, I turned around and covered myself with a blanket, hoping they wouldn't notice I was half undressed, but it was Mr. BA back with condoms. He quickly pushed me down and entered me. He was huge and I could feel my ***** stretching around him, it felt so good and painful at the same time, but the taboo of it all gave me a rush and I covered my mouth to stop my moans. Mr. BA moved my hands and shoved his tongue down my throat while he rode me until we both came. Over the next few hours the two of us came multiple times and when we were done, I felt sore and my legs were like jelly. As I tried to get up, he grabbed me by the waist and spun me around, kissing my abodmen. I fell back into bed and we had sex until we heard the bathroom door on the other side of the house shut. I spent the rest of the day with my friend in a bit of a haze, blushing at every wink and smile coming from Mr. BA. From then on, any time I spent the night at my friend's house, the morning after Mr. BA would take me into the guest room and we'd have sex. He soon discovered that I didn't sleep when I slept over so he asked one night if I'd stay up with him, I agreed and I sucked him off a few times before he ****** me again and again. Soon I was coming over after school while my friend had meetings and her mom and sister were out, so I could have sex with Mr. BA. It felt so naughty and the possibility of getting caught gave a thrill I'd never felt, though I did feel guilty for doing my best friend's dad. Years after, IĀ told my friend that her father and I slept together, she was angry at first but later we talked about it and I apologized profusely. Although we aren't as close as we used to be, she still invites me over on occasion and sometimes we go back to see her family. The first time I saw her father after years of not seeing him, he tried to get me in bed but I refused on account that I didn't want to jeopardize my friendship more than I already had.
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so hot

this was really hot

Oh must of been a fun time while it lasted..

Good story

i assume you were not a virgin when your friend's dad ****** you. that's really beautiful and you wrote it out so wonderfully -- you have a gift! too bad you felt a need to tell your friend, and i'm glad you didn't tell her mom. i agree with others who have commented that there is a time for secrecy, and if you were suffering, that's your problem -- not anyone else's. it's the price we covert sexpots have to pay. ;)

I have been thinking of what you said about being open and honest. I think there is a time for openness and honesty. At the same time, I also think there is a time for discretion and secrecy. Through the years you will probably have many experiences. They are your experiences and go into you becoming who you are. They are really about you and for you. The only time you need to share anything about them is when someone else is directly impacted by what you did.

If you were to do something else in this way...perhaps sleep with a best friend's husband or with a co-worker while married, is it going to be helpful to tell others? To tell the girlfriend or your husband some day? Many say sleeping with different people impacts your relationships with your spouse. It need not. It is a skill to isolate what matters and what can be revealed. If you have an open partner, then obviously you can share. But if you give in to an impulse, get drunk, or get angry and decide you deserve more, telling a partner who would not understand or is rigid about such things may not be a good decision. Yes, the partner may decide to stay with you on the basis of invalid information, but perhaps you will be a better partner in many ways because you have fallen short. You will know your partner. Will your partner be better off without you? Men are not always better off without the woman who cheated, nor are women always better off without the man who cheated. Sometimes there is quiet acquiescence and sometimes there is blissful ignorance.

I think we oveweight the importance of sexual fidelity. There are many elements of a marriage and sex is just one of them. Some people just need things a partner won't understand, and sometimes they are better off in the dark. I truly don't think your girlfriend's dad was too horrible for sexing with you (though you were too young and vulnerable), and I definitely don't think you were a bad person for experimenting with him. I am glad you don't feel guilt today. I am glad you are able to keep it in perspective. At the same time, I suspect, even sleeping with her dad, you are really a good friend and she was not hurt, at least until she found out.

I think your very wrong. If you had said we overweight the importance of Monogomy. I would agree with you. A relationship in which people have sex outside of it is perfectly fine. But your saying that deception and lying is right and ok. I disagree. You would avoid telling your SO if you cheated on them becuase you know it would make them angry, and selfishly, you want to hide it from them so you can have your cake and eat it too. Either find someone who is ok with an open relationship, or don't get into a relationship.

You have nothing to be sorry for. You didn't really lie to your friend by making it with her dad. (It's not like she asked if you were having sex with him and you denied it!) -- you just acted on your natural desires and had what sounds like a good experience. I admire you!

Great story, and there is a lesson. People are not rational when it comes to sex. You hurt her, her relationship with her dad, and your friendship. She did not need to know. There are no false pretenses. It was not her business. <br />
<br />
Girls have a need to tell about things. I understand that. Still, in the future, as you have affairs and as you meet new people and succumb to new temptations, resist the urge to confess, excpet to God. People jude you from their experiences and are often unfair, s was your friend. Honestly, ba<x>sed on your desc<x>ription, you were as much a part of the seduction as he was. I hold him more accountable because as an adult he should have respected your youth. Saying that, if I had been tempted by someone like you, I don't know how I would do today. Still, I like adults to act responsbily.

You are so right - when it comes to sex, it seems everyone just loses every shred of sense (which can definitely be a good thing sometimes!). Though, to be completely honest, my guilt wasn't really with God or anything of that sort, it laid more in the knowledge that I had lied to a close friend (I pride myself on being very open and honest) and had gone behind her back and betrayed her and her family while they slept mere feet away and then repeatedly over a couple years. But even now, I don't feel any regret, it was an experience and it opened my eyes to a lot of new things.

Very nice story , understandable why the friend got a bit upset after finding out but nice of her not to feel to bad about it to want to break the friendship.