High School Friend

I had a good friend in HS and we hung out and did sports together.  He had two younger sisters.  One was two years younger than us, the other was three years younger.  When we were juniors in HS we played on the same team and so we would go over to his house after games and on weekends to practice and watch games.  One weekend we were over there and he had to run to the store with his mom.  I stayed at the house with his sister. 

We watched TV for a while then she turned it to a movie that had some hot scenes in it.  She started to ask me about what I had done with girls.  I told her.  After about half hour or so, we found ourselves kissing on the couch.  She asked if I ever wanted to see her naked.  I told her lots of times.  She asked if I wanted her naked now.  I smiled and said sure.  She pulled her top off showing me her perky little **** in her bra, then she stood up and pulled her shorts off.  When she did, she said I would have to take something off before she went any further.  I could not believe I was 16, getting naked with a 14 year old.

I stood up and dropped my shorts.  As I did, my **** popped up like a spring.  She giggled and reached out and touched it.  She giggled some more as she took a hold of it.  As she did, I reached up and undid her bra and let it fall to the floor.  We stood there for a while feeling each other.  Then I slide her panties down her legs to the floor.  I laid her on the couch and started kissing all over her body.  When I reached her face, I maneuvered myself between her legs.

She spread her legs wide as I began rubbing my **** on her lips.  She moaned as I pressed harder and harder.  Finally I lifted up and reached down with my hands and spread her lips apart and put the tip of my **** on her lips.  She took a deep breath and her **** swelled.  I could not take it any more and thrust myself into her lips.  She screemed really loud as it separated her lips.  I left it inside not moving for a few seconds as I could see she seemed to be in pain. 

Finally she opened her eyes and gave me a huge smile.  It was then I realized I was giving her her first ****.  I could feel the juice flow from her lips as I gently slide it out and then back in.  I stoked my **** deeper and deeper trying to fit the entire thing inside of her.  Each time I took it deeper she squeeled and tensed up.  Finally I let loose and filled her new little ***** with fluid.  Her eyes got huge and she held her mouth open as I shot load after load inside of her.  As I was emptying inside of her, she grabbed at my hips wanting more and more.  After finally milking my **** for everything, she squeezed her legs tight around my waist and her ***** muscles tight around my ****. 

I began to pull it out.  Her eyes were huge as I pulled the tip free from her lips and her hips collapsed onto the couch.  I reached down and pinched her nipples as she caught her breath.  A few minutes later, we heard the garage door opening and she grabbed her cloths and ran up the stairs.  I quickly put my cloths back on and went out to help with groceries.

She and I would become friends with benefits for a long time.
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Sounds great

Your really lucky man

One of those memories that you replay in your mind many times in your life 8-)