My Friend Eve's Lil Sis

I hangin out at my friend eve's house with my friends Eve,Vampire,Tremor, Iran, and Cat.We where all bein paranoid cause there was an bad person stalkin us.So yeah all my friends except for Cat decided too go to Wal Mart.Just too be cautious they had me stay at the house to watch over Cat.Ok so now we're alone just the two of us.So I'm just sittin on the couch when Cat calls me too her room.So I go too her room to see what she wanted.She then asks me too sit down on her bed.So I do.She then sitts down right next to me.She then has me put my arms around her.Then she does the same too me.Then before I knew it we where makin out.Cause of that I got an hard on.She noticed it after we where done makin out.She then undid my pants.Then she sat there and stared at my rock hard **** for an minute.Then she started too carress it.Then she put my hand down her shorts.I then started too finger her little virgin *****.It felt soo good.Then after minutes of that she stood up got against an wall and told me too **** her.So I did.This was her first **** though cause her ***** bled out after I shoved my **** all the way in.I pounded and pounded away till I came inside her.Her ***** was over flooded with my seed.She then turned her self around.Which signaled me too anal **** her.So I did ater many intense minutes of *** ppoundin her I came inside her tight anal.She then Had me sitt back down on her bed.After that she gstood in fornt of me then got down on her knees and started givin me grade A+ oral sex.After intense minutes of suckin I flooded her mouth with my ***.She swallowed every bit of it.After that we just sat on the couch and played with each other till every one got back.Oh and at the moment I was 17 and she was 13.We still **** sometimes when we're alone.
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1 Response Nov 15, 2010

oh i bet that was some good tight ***** lucky boy,