Sisterly ****

Her name was Chanda. She was my best friend's sister. She used to stay with us & help my mom in daily house holdwork.. She was just like a family member to us. Being elder to us, she used to take a proper care of us and never let us do anything. We , were spoilt in her she was well formed and had a curvy body

Me and my brother were very fond of wrestling then. After watching it on TV, we used to mimic same stunts on each other. We enjoyed it a lot. Whenever Chanda passed by our fights, she used to join in to do her bit. We were so innocent then, until one day when everything changed. Lust took over innocence.

It so happened that just me and Chanda were at home. I was enjoying my wrestling match & she was doing her own house hold work. After match I went to my bedroom & started studying. I was busy studying something and suddenly Chanda came tapped my head. I was angry at first but then smiled at her n suddenly grabbed her wrist. I pulled her to my bed and tried to push her back just the way wrestlers did to each other.

But after 2 minutes or so I felt something warm. I realized Chanda was breathing fast & it was warm. I did not understand why? I was hardly pushing her on the bed with me sitting on her back with least pressure. There was no question of me hurting her anyway. After another minute I felt something unusual & soft at my palm of right hand. Then I realized, my right hand palm was sandwiched between bed and Chanda’s right breast.

A shock wave went through my spine. I was dumb stuck then to remove my hand. But as I gained my conscious I removed my hand from there. To my surprise, she did not protest. We behaved as if nothing happened. But that was the turning point of my life. The fire had ignited within me. Days passed & things were becoming normal.

One fine afternoon. me & Chanda were alone at home as my family had gone out. While watching TV, I came across another fight. I started thinking about what had happened few days back and I became restless. There was nobody home & would be so till night. It was just me & Chanda at home then. Chanda was sleeping in bedroom.

I got up & went to bedroom where Chanda was sleeping. I saw, she was lying on bed with stomach facing bed. I closed in to feel the softness of her boobs which I had felt before. I must have held for for some 10 seconds & she started breathing hot again. It had awakened her & I was sure then she was liking it. After a minute or so, I gather courage & slowly moved my hand there. It brushed her breast a little. As soon as I did it, she moaned. It felt so soft & tender, it drove me crazy. I had thought that I will just tease her a little & give away. But soon after touching her there, I went crazy. I wanted more. And I lost it there.

The devil inside me awakened. I started rubbing her breast with my right hand. The feeling was heavenly. I was lost into it & I went on doing so for another 2 minutes. I was so engrossed in it that I had forgotten to check if Chanda was resisting. When I did, I found her helplessly crushed under my weight. She indeed resisted but the resistance was not for denial of the act but a very nature of every girl. To show unwillingness even if they actually needed it.

I was smart enough to know this & so I did not buzz. I did so for some 5 more minutes. But the hunger went on increasing. I now had started using the other hand on the other breast. Chanda had succumbed to her woman-ness & the field was all mine. I was like a hungry & greedy beast then. I had my hands on it for the first time & I wanted it all. I made her lie down on her back & continue my exercise. She too had started enjoying it & was co-operating.

Her maxi was obstructing complete touch & I was not ready to compromise. It was afternoon when all activities are slow & usually people sleep, so no interference in my act guaranteed. I needed no second thought to push my hand right inside the maxi after opening upper hooks. My hands ran on her bra. I felt them from inside now. While doing all this, my hunger was ever increasing. I wanted more & more out of it.

I slipped my hands towards her back & unhooked her bra. This came as shock to Chanda and she started resisting. This time it was a little serious. But before she could actually do anything, I had removed her bra from inside. Without wasting a second, I took out her left breast from the open hooks.

The sight was magnanimous. A perfectly sized mango with whetish complexion & complimenting dark brownish nipple. What more a man can ask for? I responded to this sight like a hungry kid. Opened my mouth wide & took as much as part of her breast including the nipple & started sucking.

Chanda was lying on bed, I on top of her sucking one of her mango & mauling other one with my hand. She had already started responding to me & running her fingers through my head. This act of her gave me satisfaction as now even she was participating & the act had dramatically became mutual.

Time was plenty then & a ravishing beauty was lying just there on my bed. No wonder if a male mind goes wild then. I was bored of sucking just one mango & wanted the juice of other one. But taking it out from upper hooks was no good. Or maybe I had become very demanding then. I slowly moved my hands downward to her stomach. And from her stomach to her thighs.

Chanda became suspicious & started obstructing my hand which was slipping further down. But I had one thing clean in my mind, Not to waste this opportunity. I quickly went further down, pulled the maxi as well as petticoat up. I could pull it only till the knee level. I touch her thongs & felt them wet. But I was not concentrating on that part at all. All I wanted was a full access to her melons.

I then made her stand up & pulled her maxi down. She had become so horny then that she had surrendered herself to me. What a sight it was. Two fully grown ripe mangoes they were, ready to be mauled. I had my hands & mouth on both of them for quite some time. While doing all this, tent in my pant was stretching again n again & was paining a lot. Also, some kind of pain developed in my balls. I had observed this pain when I read erotic stories or watched **** for long without ************. The pain was obvious as I had been attacking her for like almost an hour.

I quickly undid my pants & I was only in my inner wears. Chanda was shy to initiate anything & I knew her urge to touch me there. I grabbed her right palm & slowly guided it in my inner wear on my tool. The moment it touched my down there shivers went down through me & her.

I knew I cannot take it any longer & I wanted to get rid of the ache in my balls. Only way out was to take the juices out of aching balls. I gripped my throbbing tool with her hand & moved it up & down. Because of precum it was well lubricated & motion was smooth with “chapak-chapak” sound. I told Chanda to do this continuously, she obeyed.

I had enough of mango juices then n wanted to relax & enjoy Chanda ********** me. I stopped her & removed my inner wear. I was completely naked in front of her now. I lay down beside & asked her to get up & stroke me. She started stroking but she was holding the lower part of the tool which was hardly giving any pleasure. I again removed her hand from there & asked her to hold the tip of it.

She resisted a bit as it was evidently sticky. I took my inner wear & cleaned it sticky precum from it. She held it & started stroking. When she held it & stroked for the first time, I felt the urge to spit it out. But somehow I wanted to prolong it & I quickly stopped her from stroking my tool further. She was stroking & watching it with admiration. I could guess so from her face when she continuously gazed at it.

I removed her hand from my tool, made her lay again & started licking both the melons again. This hit 2 birds, it gave me time to regain my stamina for a little longer & made her horny again. Her hand was travelling to my tool but I did not let it touch it. After some 5 minutes, I felt pity for her & stopped my act to let her have her fantasy come true.

I lay down on bed with she balancing on her right elbow, stroking my tool with her left hand. While doing so, she did not lose a single sight of the foreskin going up and down. I was getting close to the climax, oozing more precum was the sign of it. I asked her to increase the speed, I always liked it fast when I neared climax during ************. And the time came when I could control no longer. Thankfully I got hold of my inner wear which I threw on tip of my tool which prevented my spurting juices from spoiling the bed.

I had come in her hand & in my inner wear. She felt it disgusting. She went to toilet to clean the mess up. I saw her going there & my eyes closed. I had never experienced such a climax. I went deep into sleep leaving the beauty there.

I woke after a good 1 hour sleep. I was lying naked on bed with a placid tool which made me wonder that how it grew so big when excited. I was searching Chanda, she was not in bed room. I found her in the kitchen. She saw me & with a naughty smile asked me, “Are you done”? The answer to her question was obviously no. In no moment I went on to grab her from behind. She was preparing tea. She smiled and said “I am preparing tea”. To which I responded, “I liked the juice more than the tea”. She had become red & was very shy to even meet my eyes.

I let her make tea though it was just 3 in the afternoon. We had tea which was refreshing. All the while I just wore underwear to hide tent formed in anticipation. Chanda had to clean up the vessels and I had to hold on till then. As soon as she finished, I almost dragged her to bed. Without wasting time, I opened her maxi hooks & got rid of it.

I saw her in bra and petticoat. I don’t know her size but she had real wonders on her chest concealed in that bra. I opened bra hooks & mangoes popped out. Once again I started sucking & fondling with them, this time with ease though. Chanda was enjoying it so much. Soon my hands went on to her belly & I started encircling it. And then in a moment I undid her petticoat knot.

Now she was real scared. She had thought I will explore just upper portion & leave lower for good. But this move of mine was certainly contradicting to her belief. She protested this move by grabbing my hand and closing her legs giving me no access to the final destination. But till then, I had learnt enough skills to crush this kind of protest & could manage to get hold of her left thigh.

I started moving my hand over her left thigh in a very erotic manner & continued it for quite some time along with sucking those mangoes. Now, her protest had mellowed down & an ecstasy had build up. I knew things are under hood & I did the final move. In moments, stood up, held her panties & pulled them down. I could not pull them down to the toes but had almost covered till knees.

This gave a shocker to Chanda which brought her back to reality from ecstasy. She now started protesting again by covering her ***** which was hairy & was exposed to me already. I did not hurry & took my own time to gain over her again. I now, had managed to put a finger of mine in her *****. The moment I did, all her protest loosened & she gave a big sigh. I am sure she got pleasure of her lifetime which she had never experienced.

There was no looking back for Chanda too. As I continued fingering her, she moaned louder & louder & clung herself to me very tight. I now increased my fingers & pace both, which gave her that ultimate pleasure. She had held me so tight at that point of time, that my mouth was crushed on her mangoes leaving me gasping for some time.

We lied there for some time as I did not wish to be selfish. I let her come out of ecstasy slowly. I kept caressing her face, neck & breast all the while which brought sheer satisfaction on her face. I was happy to see her happy. I realized the act had transformed from physical intimacy in to mutual love.

Needless to mention, my balls had already started aching. I had no obstacles in front of me now & so I took position. I got myself in between her legs, lift them up from her knees exposing her ***** to me & my raging ****. Chanda had sensed my intentions and she did not resist. Instead, she just lied back pushing her butts up providing me ample access.

I then kept a tip of my **** on her ***** gate & tried to insert it a little to check where exactly I have to insert it. Chanda who had completely surrendered to me, had already closed her eyes & tighten her lips. I had finally managed to find the right path there & without losing my position I lied on to her body so that I could suck her mangoes while I ride her.

I knew it hurts in the beginning so I relaxed a little, kept rubbing tip of my **** in her ***** lips to create a lubrication. When I thought it right, I gave first push to my ****. As it entered her, it gave me a sensation. She was very tight & I had hardly entered her. It pained me a little & a lot to Chanda. She almost shouted but I kept her mum by planting my lips on hers. I stayed my movement.

I slowly started twisted motion to make room but still it was very difficult for me to enter & for her to tolerate it. I then patiently waited & meanwhile kept fondling with her neckline & breasts in order to keep her interest. One of the reasons why we felt the pain that since Chanda knew I will be penetrating her, she was cautious & was holding her muscle there.

But because of fondling, she had relaxed now & I sensed the opportunity. Without wasting time, I again pushed my **** in her. This time trick played up & I had entered her half of my manhood. She cried but I had my hand on her mouth. Also, I did not give her any opportunity to resist or push me back & so I again gave full thrust & I was completely in her.

Here, for the sake of mercy, I did stop where I was and I started fondling exercise. This soothed Chanda to a great extent & I slowly started to-and-fro motion. Slow and composed motion made it easy for me to keep up with excitement & for Chanda to cope up with pain. Slowly pain subsided & pleasure took its place.

Her breath was very hot & vigorous. She was moaning softly which added to the excitement. My side, even I was on cloud nine. Whenever I pushed my **** inside, her tight ***** pulled my foreskin back & gave the ultimate sensation. It was nothing less than a heavenly experience.

Now, I changed my position as I had to bear my weight on my hands managing breasts, lips, neckline. I got up from bed, pulled Chanda towards the edge of it. I stood close to the edge. I bent a little, took her legs in my hands, folding her knees on my shoulders. Now I had better access to her ***** & my hands were free to do whatever they wanted.

When I entered this time, pain was little n pleasure was more. Soon I increased my pace to which Chanda responded by raising her butts which allowed deeper penetration. At one point ecstasy became so high that *********** was imminent I took my **** out & started stroking it myself. Since I had made my underwear dirty already, this time I emptied myself on her belly & collapsed on her, crushing her mangoes under my weight.

We lay there like that for quite sometime. We did not realize when felt asleep. After an hour or so, I woke up to see Chanda had already cleaned up herself and the mess around. I woke up went to bathroom & took a nice bath. We were done for the day & it was out of the world for us. I did fondle her mangoes from maxi though for sometime while she prepared tea again.
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Absolutely brilliant

your story made me horny, It was almost like watching **** ;-)