Watching Xxx With Sister

We were into love marriage and we are into sex life for past 6 years. Once we married I was pregnant. After I give birth to a child I started feeling bore of my sex life. I was happy with my family life. But my husband is very energetic and he needs sex everyday which I was not able to help him out but being a good husband he dint show anything since he love me a lot.
He doesn’t have any sexual affairs but last year once when he went to Thailand he had lot of sex and he had taken photos and hidden in his laptop. Six months back when I saw his laptop I got shocked but I dint ask anything because I love him very much and it was my mistake to keep him hungry of sex. For one week I was not able to digest this. After that I became normal.
Later in the month of june my husband had to go to Mumbai for a week on business trip. My sister Ula has accompanied me on his absence who is very very close to me. Her husband has divorced her and she is free to move anywhere. I was very abnormal thinking what he will do there. Will he **** anyone or not? Ula found that I am confused and was asking me what the problem is.
Finally I opened up the matter to her. Then she convinced me and we both went to sleep. Next day casually ula started this topic and explained that being a wife I must not be jealous. If we agree he will inform us on the ******* sessions or else he will hide away these topics from us. Also try some solutions for his sexual desires so that he never go to any prostitute.
Later yuvi came back and ula left, but I was still confused of all these matters. One final day I called ula and called her to my place to discuss something important. Once she came I opened up the same topic and said that I need your help. She starred at me and said how can I help you in your personal matter?
Suddenly I informed her that I have a solution wherein my husband will not go to prostitutes and also he will inform everything to me if she agrees for what I want. Ula was confused and was in some line with me and said “ I would anything for your happiness”. Then I said “ akka your husband has left you one year back and you are also staying alone without anyone help.
Also you are starving for sex. If you agree to have sex with him then we can be in a single house and you both will get the sex what you needed and I will be happy that my husband never hides anything from me” She was completely shocked and shouted at me saying “are you mad or what” Then I convinced her. But now the big problem is how do I convince yuvi.
Though he is bad he was always true in front of me. But one weak point for yuvi is he cannot control his sexual desires when he drinks.That was our key point. After that day within a weeks time ula shifted her things and came along with us. everyday we use to talk about this. She was very eager to know about yuvi performance in bed.
Even though I accepted, initially I felt very possessive and angry on her but later thinking of my incapability I convinced myself. Three weeks has gone after ula came to our home and nothing happened as expected. But meanwhile she use tried to seduce him where she was only 50% succeeded but many times he didnt show interest.
One fine day we went to a party where myself and ula where wearing the same model saree which she had dressed sexy and I was dressed normal like a housewife. One the way to the party yuvi was praising decently about urmila that she is pretty in this dress. More than sushi this saree suits ula a lot. Bla…..bla…….bla…….
Then the party was over and while returning yuvi was drunken so I was driving and he was sitting next to me and ula behind me. We both had a couple of beer and yuvi had Bacardi on the rocks. Suddenly the entire situation changed in a second in the car. Yuvi got hold of ulas hand and started praising that if I had seen you before sushi surely I would have married you.
Jealous was running from top of my head to foot. Suddenly I shouted and removed their hands and yuvi felt bad and came normal. Once we reached home ula called me and told “see sushi it is not very easy to share a husband. It is not possible. This will not happen. See how jealous you felt. So forget those plans and we will lead a normal life” But the drinks inside me made me cruel.
I replied “no my dear sister, I never get jealous on you. We will implement the plan today itself, just wait for some time I ll make him ready and come”. I went inside the room switched a small light on. Yuvi was half asleep on bed. I went near his ears and said wait for 5 mins lets have a beautiful ******* session today and sucked his manhood for 3or4 strokes and left the room.
His whisky has tempted him and he was half asleep and waiting for me without opening his eyes. Meanwhile I set my camcorder in the cupboard without their knowledge and left the room and gave all instructions to ula. I went for sleep and early in the morning I entered the room and took the cam to see those beautiful scenes. Let me narrate the main story which I have seen in the cam.
As instructed by me ula went inside the room and started sucking his penis slowly with some hesitation and slowly shaking his penis. Yuvi was moaning with pleasure saying sushi I dint expect you ll feed me. Its awesome you sucking my **** after longtime.I am in the seventh heaven wow…go ahead continue.
suddenly he pulled her upside down and made her lie on him with her ***** on his face and both facing towards the ceiling. She was still in her gown. He just lifted the gown and pushed his face on her vagina and started sucking. Ula was moaning without opening her mouth so that she should not reveal who she is.
Once the heat started pumping between them he pulled her down to **** her and he was shocked to see ula and started saying sorry. I thought it was sushi. he was very nervous. Then my coward sister pulled his penis near her and said hey handsome this was well planned by your wife and we have changed our beds, so without any worries just ******* me my man.
Once he got those confirmation and already he was in his peak he dint bother to verify whether what she said is truth or not. Suddenly he jumped on her and started *******. He was murmering in her ears which I was not able to hear, but my loyal sister explained what he has said. Yuvi has told her that he is very lucky to **** ula. Ula you are a sex bomb.
I have *********** many times thinking of you. saying this he is ramming her like a wild lion. You ******* ***** today I have got my dream true. I will tear your *****.ula is screaming like how I shouted on my first night. She is nearing her climax and shouting him to ****.you bastard BIL **** my tear me……..aaaaaa……….ooooooooo……..
you son of a ***** **** me deep yes …..yes,,,,,come in my hole …. Finally both got climaxed. They both hugged each other and slept together. But I was left alone in the living room…I will continue the rest in next part.
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Jan 17, 2011