Sneaky Sex

U see this had happened when I was 17 and she was 16.It was an sunday it was goin grate already cause I'd gotten to hang and have fun with my friends.But son after I get home my friend Katie's older sis Jordan who I'd admired and thought was preetty damn hott and sexy invites meover.But she tell me that I have to sneak in cause its late.If her dad caught  me I was screwed.She texted me tellin me to sneak in through her bedroom window.So after a few minutes I did..I make it in.Now I had to hide a few times to avoid detection.But yeah we started with some foreplay.We started by cuddlin.Then we started makin out.Then came the fondling.I grabbed her ***.She did the same with mine(; I started grabbin and squeezin at her breasts.Then she dropped down on her bed.I joined her.I tried reachin under her shirt and bra.But she stoped me and told me that it would of just been easierif she had taken off her shirt and bra.So she did.Then I plant my face into her breasts and started lickin/suckin to no ends.Then we felt like tryin somethin else.So we whent to anal sex.She then got up whent against an wall and bent over.I ****** her tight huggin anal to no limits.Finally after many intense minutes of *** ****** I came and flooded her *** with my thick gooey ***.Then we decided on some oral sex.She then had me sit down on her bed.After that she got down on her knees and started suckin.She suck ****** like an pro.After many minutes of itense **** suckin  came and overflowed her mouth with my thick,gooey, and delicious  ***.Then we had some intense intercourse.It was like heaven.After many many intense minutes of intercourse we both came.Her ***** was filled to the brim with my ***.Then finally we finished it all off with my favorite position 69..WE  both layed down on her bed and started suckin/lickin each other's crotches.Finally we both came in each others mouths.We both swallowed.After that  we just layed there and cuddled/fondled and made out for an while.Then she told me it was late and that I should prolly leave.We both vowed that we'd do this again eventually. So then I got dressed and climbed out her bedroom window.We ahd an goodbye make out seesion.The I whent home.The end(;
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May 9, 2011