Over The Years....

My friend and I were best friends since we were both 6 and he had a 4 year old cute little sister. We played around a lot as kids. The older we got the more we hung out. It all changed when she got into high school. We were there for each other for everything through every break up and failure. Whenever one of us felt the like a failure the other one was there to help. His little sister and me grew closer as well.When we first kissed, it was Christmas time. I was 14 and she was 12. I went to their  house to visit and celebrate. their entire family was there, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces, grandparents. I went to her room to go find her but she wasn't there. I asked his sister and dad "Where's janett? I don't see her in her room." They said "She's outside, crying." I asked her "what's wrong jay?" She was sad because her first official boyfriend dumped her right before winter break. She was sad and depressed. They didn't even kiss. I tried to cheer her up and she didn't. I didn't know what to do so i looked up and saw a mistletoe right above us. Its like God was helping me try to cheer her up. I told her "hey jay, look up." She looked up and saw the mistletoe. I told her " If you don't wanna kiss me you don't have to." She giggled a little bit and said "Okay, Lets kiss." She looked at me in the eyes and i put her hair behind her ear and we kissed on the lips. My friend, her brother saw us kissing outside on the porch. He grabbed me and said "dude what the ****. I let you come over to my house and you kiss my sis. What the hell is wrong with you." I said "dude i'm sorry but i like her ok. deal with it. We ****** grew up together. i was with her for every break up she had, every time she was sad i cheered her up. I'm sorry." He looked like he wanted to punch me but luckily his little sis was right in front of me. Over the years all three of us grew closer. When we were 16, i got to second base with her. We were taking it  slow. She wanted to wait until she was fully developed. Her parents were at Las Vegas for 3 days and that me and her brother were gonna take care of her. I asked her if she wanted to watch a movie and she said "yea sure". We kissed. Her brother made the look like don't make me sick . It like when a person puts there finger in front of their mouth and goes (gag sound). He invited his gf over and i went to check on Janett. I walked in too early. She barely took her bra off. She called me over and we made out. I was kissing her lips then i started heading south. We started necking then i head more south. I gave her a hickey right above her breast. While we were doing this i started to rub her *****. When i was gonna reach her perfect breast, her brother walked in on us. We (me and janett) stayed on opposite sides of the couch while my friend and his girl were making out. A few months later we tried to have sex. Here's how the day went. Right around 9 or 10 am we (me and janett)  woke up and we kissed. Her brother woke me up and said "hey dude we gotta go to work man." i kissed janett good bye and left for work. Around 7 or 8 at night we returned and she laid there on her bed in her baby doll lingerie. She said "come here baby. i wanna "talk"." we made out on her bed and ALMOST had sex if her brother didn't **** block. Over the months we tried and tried but we couldn't because of her brother. My friend. Finally a week later,  she had her quince. It was her 15th birthday and i got to be her chambelan. When the Dj put on a slow song for us to dance to, she laid her head against my shoulder. We looked at each other in the eyes and we kissed. That night i asked her if she wanted to have sex. She giggled and said "I never thought you would ask." We went to her room right after the quince and started kissing. i took her dress off and she took my suit off. We were kissing and hugging. 10 minutes later, we were finally having sex. She was kissing me and hugging me and she took off my boxers revealing a really big *****. She said "who's your friend? and can i give him a kiss? she kissed my **** and then started sucking it. She gave me a condom and said "i want your friend to have some clothes on." I took off her underwear and said "let me introduce your friend to my friend." I drilled her tight virgin *****. She laid me on my back and started jumping up and down grabbing her breast and rubbing her ****. She squirted on my **** and said "Oh my god im sorry baby." I said "it ok, i find that pretty sexy." We had sex for about an hour. She said woke me up and said hey baby. We made out. Her brother and his gf were at Janett's door naked with his gf on top of him. He woke up and i said "looks like i wasn't the only one that got lucky last night." He laughed and said "yea man. sorry if i **** blocked u and my lil sis. we cool?" I said "yea we cool." Janett, still in her baby doll lingerie, took my hand and walked me to the kitchen. We kissed and kissed and kissed. Still to this day we are still madly in love with each other. My friend got married and his sister and i plan to get married in a few months.
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Dude I feel you I have a BestFriend with A younger sister who I Have Known since she was 2 years old And we First Kissed and ever since that day I have been hiding these feelings but I Love His Sister And Thik She Could Be my Special Someone That I Marry And have been Waiting for

I had Siri read this to me.


OMG this is soo sweet!! <br />
you guys should try to work things out u have something special :)

hey lizzieAngel we actually got back together a few days ago

thanks dude<br />
we broke up though a few days ago.

aww thats cute man :)