Real Quick Tale

When I was 19, in university, my best friend at the time (a guy called Alex) had his sister come visit. She was called George (short for Georgina) was 17, nice body, small breasts, little tummy, but very slim.

We went out for a few drinks, and then I decided to head back as I had a day full of practical work the following day. About an hour later, Alex rang, asking me to meet George at the front door, as the rest of them we're all going to town.

I met her, let her in, had a drink with her in the kitchen, then led her to Alex's room. She started kissing me, and asking me to **** her. I tried to be a gentleman, but a 17 year old, naked in front of me and whispering very naughty things in my ear was too much.

We ****** on his floor, we ****** in the corridor on the way to my room, we ****** in my bed through the night.

Good times!
evanski evanski
26-30, M
Oct 22, 2011