Finally Did Julie!

Back when I was a teen, my best buddy had a not, sexy little sister. She was about 5 years younger than me. On New Years Eve, when I was 18, she was about 13 and just developing (4'9, barely a-cup, starting to get a nice ***-wiggle when she walked), we were both at her brother's apartment. He and his squeeze were on one end of the couch and his sister and I on the other, both cuddled together under separate blankets; she was to my left. She was very close to me but not touching. After a while, I slowly reached over with one hand an gently touched her bare arm; no reaction. I slowly started to caress her arm with the tips of my fingers. Still no reaction. I worked my hand across her arm and touched her side - she moved a bit closed so now our arms and legs were touching, but still stayed intently focused on the TV. I started gently stroking her side and i could feel her breathing intensify.

I started to gently pull her top up. She placed the edge of her hand on my leg but didn't move it at all. Eventually I was touching her bare skin on her belly. I gently caressed her belly, then her rib cage with my finger tips, doing my best to make sure that the blanket didn't show any signs of movement (I think she helped by creating some air space with her other arm). By now I was definitely aroused but trying to control my breathing. Soon thereafter I reached the underside of her left *****. It was too small to be called a ***, much less a boob or breast, it was just a *****, but it was gloriously sexy! And this was back in the 70's when women still avoided bras if possible. I feel sorry for teenage boys these days as all the girls seem to always have on these heavy-duty, under-wire, padded, formed monstrosities-I think they should get fined for false advertising-and the challenge of copping a feel is significantly higher.

Anyway, she didn't move to stop me as I worked by fingertips gently across her *****, all around the areola and nipple, squeezing and pinching gently till it got pointy. Her hand was starting to lightly stroke my leg. I had to move a bit to adjust my now very uncomfortable **** and give it room to throb and straighten out. I started to broaden my stroke area, again, moving over her breast and down to her navel. She had a bit of baby fat left, but her belly-button was a nice almost innie.

To this point, neither of us has so much as glanced at the other, not wanting to raise the suspicion of her brother and his girl.

I continued to expand my stroke area eventually reaching the top of her pants, then focusing on her exposed abdominal area. I narrowed my area to the line at the top of her jeans and eventually started to slide my fingers under the tight band at the top. I didn't want to unbutton or unzip anything lest we need to get up quickly, everything needed to be able to to return to normal almost instantly and silently. Remarkably, she sucked in her gut. I assume it was to aide my adventuring, though it could have been vanity on her part, not wanting me to think her fat.

Now it was getting a little difficult for me. My right arm is stretched about as far across my body as I can manage and my wrist is twisted down as I try to reach further towards her honey pot, having already slid my fingers under the band of her panties. I felt a bit of pubic hair. She had soft hair on her head, long a straight dirty-blonde, and her ***** hair was soft, too. I kept worming my fingers down, but given that she was so young, her **** wasn't far from the top of her ***** hair.

When I got to her ****, her free, left hand reached across to stop me, gently pulling on my arm. I resisted, stopping my motion, but not letting my arm get pulled out. She stopped resisting, and I pushed a bit further, trying to gently rub her **** and work my way towards her hole. She was pretty moist at this point which made the going a lot easier than it could have been except for her hand on my arm. With my free, left arm, I tried to move her hand that was resting on my leg onto my ****, with moderate success. However, though her hand was on my ****, she didn't do anything but let it lie there. I was disappointed, but it must have been her first time that close to a **** and she probably didn't have the slightest idea what to do to one.

By now my right arm was at the limit for what it could do as long as her pants were on, and the ball had dropped in New York and my friend was starting to get restless so I knew it was best to disentangle.

I ended up sleeping on the couch and lil sis slept on the floor in their bedroom. I did see her in her t-shirt getting ready for bed, but she made no move towards me after that.

The next day, the girlfriend commented to me that it seemed to her that Julie (lil sis) and I were having a pretty nice time last night. Turns out my stealthy moves weren't quite as stealthy and I had hoped. Oh well, nothing else was ever said.

I did see Julie many, many times after that, and she made no move towards me in any way, nor I towards her for that matter as we were usually at her parent's house and they would have slaughtered me.

About 4 or 5 years later, however, she was probably 17 now and had filled out nicely - firm, D-cup *******. 5'3, 120 lbs, narrow hips but still a really nice *** that looked fabulous in her string bikins. Her bedroom was now downstairs in the house next to her brothers, my friends room. The house was a two story with the living areas and the parent bedroom and a her old bedroom upstairs. Yes, at 22 my friend was still living in his parents home. But anyway, I needed to pee so I I went into the hallway and waited for Julie who was taking a shower. When she came out, dressed only in her bathrobe, I was over by the sliding glass door. She saw my silhouette (it was probably about mid-night now) and came over, pushed herself against me and gave me a deep kiss. I stroked her back and squeezed her butt, then started down her leg as far as I could reach. She lifted one leg, resting her foot on the inside of her other leg and I caressed her leg quickly reaching her *****. We kissed and stroked for a bit. I eventually broke free and led her into her room, laying down on her bed while she closed the door. She came over and unzipped my pants and I extracted my ****, then she straddled me and we ******. She was hot, wet, and horny. He boobs were fantastic (no longer *******, they were full-fledged boobs now), with nice nipples that really stood out proudly and appreciated fondling. We had to leave her robe on in case her parent's came downstairs-we wouldn't have heard them until they knocked as they wore slippers around the house and Bruce Springsteen or Billy Joel was playing on the stereo. I don't know if she came, but I sure did.

I excused myself and relieved my bladder, heading back into my friends room. I don't think he had any idea what had just transpired.

Julie and I ****** several times after that, almost always in her basement room, though one time after I had moved to another city, she, now working for an airline and with access to occasional free tickets, flew to spend the weekend with me. I showed her the town and we ****** three times that night. By then the nice, firm abdomen had swelled. It was still sexy, but she seemed chubby now.

Haven't seen her since I put her on the plane home, that would have been over 25 years ago. I still remember how her ***** felt that first time when she was 13. It was and is a sweet memory!
jonnybgud jonnybgud
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Feb 19, 2012