A friend I made a year ago never talks about his family. All I knew is that he had a sister. It was not a topic he ever cared to discuss.

He called a few months back and asked if I could watch his house while he is gone for a few weeks. I told him sure and would stop by twice a day to check male and water plants. The third day he was gone, there was a woman at his door when I showed up. She introduced herself as Gillian, Dave's sister. I was taken back a bit since she was hot and petite while he was well NOT!!!

As I was talking to her, I received a text message from Dave telling me that his sister was going to be stopping by for a few days. So I let her in. We talked for a bit and it was decided that I would show her around town. For the next 6 days I showed her around and went out with her, the whole time thinking about how I could get into her pants.

On the 7th night she decided she wanted to stay in and asked if I wanted to join her watching a movie and ordering pizza. I agreed and showed up at about 7pm. As we sat down she asked me to order a pizza, so I did. A bit later the doorbell rang. She jumped up and said she would get it and then proceeded to ***** naked. I just sat watching. She walked up to the door and answered it. She took and paid for the pizza and then did something I never would have imagined, she offered him a ******* as a tip. She was rubbing his crotch and her ***** and he just stood in the door frame not moving. She got on hers knees and unzipped his pants and started to suck him off. I stood there amazed and BEYOND aroused. Suddenly he started to convulse as he blew his load all over her ****. She just stood up, said thank you, and shut the door on this pizza delivery guy who had his pants down around his ankles.

She walked back to me and noticed my bulge. She smiled and said she would be right back and that I better be naked when she gets back. I obliged and ********. When she got back from cleaning up she immediately started sucking my **** like it was the best thing in the world. For the next 11 days all we did was ******, sucked, and ****** some more.

The day Dave got home, I was awoke to hearing someone calling my name. I opened my eyes to see Dave standing in the bedroom calling out to me. His sister was asleep naked cuddled up with me. He told me to wake her and to noth get out to the front room. He sounded a bit pissed. I quickly woke her and told her but instead she started to give me another *******. Even with Dave pissed and waiting for us...I wanted to blow my load again, so I did. We both got dressed and walked out to see him, her with my *** all over her face.

He was pissed off at us both and told us we had 2 minutes to get out. Unfortunately I have not heard from him again since then. Just today though I got an email from Gillian with one picture of our sexcapades, so I thought I would share it with everyone.
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Jul 1, 2012