Sleepover Sex With My Friend's Sister

After moving away when I was in my early 20s, I continued to visit my old hometown on weekends, sleeping over at the homes of different friends, all of whom were a few years younger than me and some of whom I became friends with after I'd moved.

One of my newer friends Bobby had two younger brothers and a younger sister named Joannie, who was about 15-16 at the time. When we first met, though I realized that she was too young for me, I couldn't help but notice how beautiful she was with her long dark hair and brown eyes.

The first night I slept over Bobby's house, after everyone had gone to bed, I couldn't sleep, so I went to the living room to watch tv at about 1:00-2:00am. To my surprise, Joannie came into the room, wearing a short nightgown. She sat on the couch as I stayed on the carpeted floor. As we talked, I couldn't help but look between her legs and notice that she wasn't wearing anything under her gown. I was getting excited stealing glimpses of her dark-haired pus-sy when she opened and closed her legs, hoping she wouldn't notice. Then she pulled her knees up to her chest, wrapping her arms around her legs, giving me a clear view of her hairy tw-at. It was beautiful! I don't know if she knew what she was doing, but she was smiling the whole time. I didn't dare do anything more than look. Later in bed, I spent the rest of the night thinking of her as I played with my c-ock.

As time went on, Joannie and I became friendlier. Sometimes, she would hang out with the rest of us. At the house of another friend, we had a pool party one night at which the boys were tossing the girls into the pool. Expecting that she too would be tossed in, Joannie emptied her pockets and asked me to hold her things for her. She was wearing jean shorts and a white tee shirt over her small bare br-easts. Sure enough, she ended up getting soaking wet and she came to me, looking for her stuff. I brought her a towel, and dried her off, rubbing her br-easts and a-ss in the process. Her pert nip-ples were fully erect, poking through her shirt.

Later that night, when everyone was playing hide and seek, I found a great spot to hide behind a trunk in my friend's mother's bedroom closet where I was sure no one could find me. When I got to my spot, I was surprised to see Joannie already there! We ended up hiding behind the trunk, spooning together, with Joannie in front of me in the darkness. As we lay there, I put my arm around her, keeping her warm, as she was shivering a bit. Soon, my hand was gently rubbing her belly and then my finger tips were stroking her budding br-easts. Then I made my way to her thighs and between her legs, softly stroking her pus-sy as she moved her hips. My hard c-ock was pressing against her little a-ss the whole time, but she was definitely digging it. Nothing more happened, more because I was afraid of getting caught than I was of making it with her.

Weeks (or months?) later, we were all gathered in the basement living room at Bobby's house for a big party and sleepover. Most everyone was drinking, including one of Bobby's brothers and Joannie. By the time everyone crashed, going into different bedrooms upstairs and downstairs, Joannie was sleeping in a comfy chair. I had a basement bedroom all to myself, but I had a hard on, and could not sleep, thinking of Joannie out there in that chair. I wanted very much to carry her into my room and put her in my bed.

As I thought about this, I heard loud whispers in the living room. I distinctly heard Joannie say "That's sinning!" Intrigued, I listened for a while longer until there no more whispers. Then I quietly opened the bedroom door and peered into the outer room to find Joannie on her knees, naked, except for her white panties, her head bobbing up and down in front of the open legs of Johnny, one of my friends who I thought had crashed earlier. She was obviously giving him a bl-ow job! I watched for a while, wondering whether I should go out there and have her as well, but I thought better of it. Instead, I waited at the doorway.

A little while later, Joannie passed my room, now dressed, on her way to her bedroom upstairs. I gently grabbed her arm, startling her. I was nervous as hell, but I told her what I had seen and that I wanted her to do the same for me.She hesitated for a moment and then said "okay." I quickly pulled down my pants and took her into the bedroom. As she sat on the bed, Joannie held my c-ock, taking it into her mouth. Unfortunately, her teeth kept getting in the way, leading me to realize that she wasn't very experienced at giving he-ad. Still, she instinctively licked my c-ock and rubbed it on her cheeks as she caught her breath. I found this quite erotic.

After a while, she wanted to stop, and I agreed. I told her "I just want to see something," so I pulled off her shirt, exposing her pert br-easts. I laid her down as I licked and sucked on her nip-ples, running my hand between her legs. She held my head with her hands. As I started undoing her pants, she protested, telling me that she didn't want to go all the way. I assured that we wouldn't; that I just wanted to see her pus-sy. She reluctantly allowed me to peel off her jeans and panties and there it was. She asked "Do you like it?" I told her she was beautiful and I meant it. I opened her legs a bit as if it to get a better look, and I dove in, tonguing and licking her hot little tw-at like there was no tomorrow. I wanted to f-uck her sooo bad, but I just didn't have the nerve to do it, and, besides, I had agreed not to.

In the morning, as everyone woke and went their separate ways, I saw Joannie, but she wouldn't look at me or talk to me. I knew I had stepped over the line and I was afraid, wondering what would come of it.

A few months later, I was sleeping over at Bobby's house again. This time, Bobby's parents and siblings were away, visiting relatives. Bobby told me he was going out with his girlfriend and that I'd be staying over alone, but I didn't mind. I was up late again, as usual, watching tv, when I had the urge to pee. After leaving the bathroom, I passed Joannie's bedroom and found her door ajar with the light on. It turned out that she had been with out with her friends all night and hadn't joined her parents on that trip.

Joannie was sitting on the edge of her bed, and when she saw me she waved at me to come into her room. I sat next to her and she told me what she had been doing all night. As she talked, she seemed a bit drunk, touching my leg several times. I was getting turned on. I suddenly leaned in to kiss her and she responded in kind with passion. I laid her down on the bed as I stroked her pus-sy. When her hand went to my stiffening c-ock, I decided to go for it.  I stood up, unzipped my pants and pulled out my c-ock. This time, she eagerly held it as she licked and sucked on it. It seemed to me that she had had some practice since the last time we were together.

I had her clothes off in an instant Again, I ate her pus-sy, which was wet and hot. This time, she held my head as she thrusted her pus-sy in my face again and again, breathing rapidly. I slowly but firmly pushed my c-ock into her. Once I was all the way in, I held my c-ock in place so that she could get used to the feeling. It was so intense I almost c-ame right then. Soon, we were fuc-king like crazy, her legs wrapped around me, holding on for dear life.

Every time I think about my experiences with Joannie, I get off. Unfortunately, she is married now, with children. I often wonder if she's ever thought about our times together....
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Although your experience was special and unique for you, it sounds like if it wasn't for her. You felt so good looking at her, feeling, just as friends, she was so special for you, you thought she could be yours, at the same time she was doing other guys. I say it plural. You saw her doing one, how far had she gone with others? By the second yime, you know she had been with others. She grabbed you in such a way that most probably you were not her first or her second. I you can be her friend now, go for it, be her friend, because I bet you she is cheating on her husband. Well, if she is going to be cheating, why not the other guy be you? Have fun.