Me, My Friend And His Sleeping Older Sister

I was about 12... Maybe 13 years old when I thought me and my best friend and neighbor would be killed by his sister or worse our parents.
I had stayed the night with Shawn plenty of times but tonight was different. His older sister Heather had been playing board games with us all night and said we could sleep on her bedroom floor if we wanted. When she first offered Shawn and I just looked at each other and both said "No we'll sleep in Shawns room" both knowing that in about an hour we would have our pants down caressing each other. We ALWAYS did when we hung out, I can only remember a handful of time we were together that did not have touching or stroking in it.
But less then 5 minutes after we declined we both had a change of heart. I dont know if it was her changing under the sheets 2 feet away or that right after she changed she got up and started putting the Monopoly game up with just a long T-Shirt and her panties on. Which ever it was I thought I was going to **** in my shorts right there. Not to mention I have a VERY noticeable ***** and I looked over at Shawn and he did to. Either way I said "ehh lets just stay in here the blankets and pillows are already here.

Shawn and I laid on the floor in the dark for what seemed like HOURS.... I leaned over and wispered "You awake" Shawns reply was not a verbal one, Insted he pulled his shorts off and smacked my bare leg with his hard unit and quietly giggled. I responded with the same gesture, We layed there wispering about his sister and touching our selves and each other for what seemed like forever discussing how we could see the fuzzy outline of her sweet spot and how her panties pulled into her butt crack when she whould stand back up after being bent over. I asked Shawn "do you wonder what it tastes like" He says back "I bet we can find out" I didnt think it was possible but I got even hornier... But what I was thinking was different than what he had in mind.. He pulled he shorts up over his waist.... It was dark in the room but the moon was shining in and out butts and boy parts were nearly glowing in the moon light. Now in the stelth of his black basket ball shorts he stood up and crept the 3 steps to the bed. I was ready to burst I knew if he touched Heather and she did not wake that I could also. But he turned right insted of touching her he grabbed something from the foot of the bed, He rushed back over and slipped back onto the Blanket bed we had on the floor and says "She dropped these down there when she changed" and holds up a white with colored polkadot pair of thongs. I was disapointed at first. But that wained very quickly when I realized that those panties had rubbed her honey box ALL DAY. Shawn pulls them to his face and sniffed them, "Oh WOW" he said. Smells like sweat and sugar. I giggled and said Shhhh let me see snatching them away. I sniffed them and he was right.. I said I bet heaven smells like this and giggled again I found the crotch part and licked it. It was a little bitter but the taste felt like lightning running through me. Shawn grabbed them away again, He did not sniff or taste them thou, insted he pulled his shorts down and got on his knees wrapping the panties around his member and began stroking. After just a couple of seconds he pulled them off of himself and tried to hand them back. I shook my head and said "now they will taste like you" He giggled and said these are the only ones I know where they are. I got on my knees now and wispered "Nuh uh I know where there is some" pointing at Heather. Shawn got a scared look on his face and says no way she'll choke me. I said c'mon your ruined that pair and shes your sister you get em. He looked at me and looked at Heather laying there in her bed facing the window on her side with the moonlight shining across her face lighting her blonde hair with its beams. He then looked back at me, There was a long silence........ I dont wanna take them off her she will notice. I said try to get her to roll over, I bet we can touch her if she lays on her back.... Seconds after I said that Heather rolls onto her back and Shawn and I both hit the floor like we were being shot at or something, Then laughter after a few seconds of silence, She did not move any farther just rolled half way. so she was on her back. We started laughing kinda loud, I was face up with my shorts around my knees and my ***** highlighted by the moon with Shawns *** sticking up glowing in the moon light.. Had she have woken up there would have been no hiding what was going on. Her panties were twisted in Shawns fingers, I was the first one back up on my knees Shawn moved a little slower.. I said "Hey touch her and see what happens".. Shawn shook his head no.. I said c'mon if you touch her and she wakes ask her some dumb question and then lay back down. Shawn said back "No you wanna touch her I am happy with the panties" I told him "if you touch her I will do you in the race and you dont have to do me 5 times." Which in our code ment I would jack him till spirt and he didnt have to jack me I would do my self. He said "No...... I like to do you in a race" I responded "Fine but if you dont touch her your a chicken and we cant race anymore" Shawn grumbled at me and stood up.. I being the big *** that I am laid down and pretended to be asleep. He leaned over his sister and I hear him say kinda loudly.. Heather I gotta ask you something.... No response. I opened my eyes and look up at him, He ran his hand down her body across her chest which was about a b cup, She was about 14 or 15 but very skinny and her chest had nearly reached its full potential. Down her side to about 4 inches below her waist where her shirt stopped. He hooked her shirt hem with his fingers and began to slowly pull it up as he got past her stomach and to her chest her began to breath hard, I am not sure if it was from fear or hornyness but his chest Started heaving the small curve of he right boob appeared in the moon light and Shawn stopped for a minute.... Switched hands so he was now pulling the shirt with his left hand and pulled his shorts down with his right and grabbed his banana shaped boy hood and started stroking as he pulled her shirt past her dime size light pink nipples. Stopping just above her boobs he bunched the night shirt up at her neck and turned around and gave me a thumbs up with the hand on his *****. I jumped to my feet causing a thump that could be heard through the whole house I am sure but I hardly noticed. As I took a step towards the bed Shawn bent over and started sucking her nipples. I got up next to him and put my hand in the middle of her belly feeling her warm soft skin. I rushed my hand down onto the fuzzy girl lump in her black panties and could feel her pubes through the cotton fabric. I pulled my shorts down with my left hand and and kicked them onto the blanket bed. I started to get even more excited and pushed my hand between he thighs it was much warmer there and I could feel as her panties became wet right under my hand. I hooked them to the sides and played with her warm soaked lips for a few seconds.. Then Shawn pushes me a little and says "Hey I go first remember" I pouted and stepped back he did almost the same thing I did but without reaching inside he panties. After a few seconds he stepped back and says now its your turn. I wasted no time I slid my hand in the wasteband of her panties and over the top of her mound back to where the wetness was. I was not thinking clearly I guess I stuck 1 finger in and then 2. I then grabbed her panties and started pulling them down.Shawn poked my leg and say"Stop she'll know if you do that" But I was commited by then I tugged and the first couple inches went fine but they got caught between he but and the bed. I was discourged but leaned in and licked what I later discovered was the ****. And pushed my face into he sweet wetness.. as I did I kind of climbed onto the bed and over her legs. I licked and rubbed and poked for about 5 minutes and Shawn flicks my ear and Says "Hey I been asken for a turn" So I pulled my self onto the floor and layed there shaking with excitment I look up and notice Shawn is rubbing his member all over Heather her chest and pubes and slit her belly, I say Hey put it in her mouth" Shawn tries but he got scared and just rubbed it on her lips. I said okay let me go again. And Shawn steps off. I go right back to where I was but this time as I push my face into the warmth between her thighs she lifts off the bed a little and I pulled her panties all the way down.
I jump off the bed and put them in my mouth... I dont know why.. Perversion I guess. So Shawn gets on the bed and grabs her legs and spreads them open with ease.. I tell him taste it its good. He brushes his face past it but goes back to sucking her dime size nipples. I was watching his face and did not notice at first that he was penetrating her with the main vein. As I look back down their 2 bodies from where he is sucking her nipples I now notice his pumping, I said are you in it.. He wimpers back "Oh yeah and its great" He pumped for a few more seconds and then he climbed off.. I say "you didnt *** in her did you?" He said "No I am gonna finish here with my hand". So I get back on the bed and bury my face in her warmth again, I can tell by the first taste that he is lying and I am sure he came in her. So I lick up her stomach to her breasts and slide my self into the warm goo. I pushed in as hard and far as I could as soon as I entered her.. I pumped maybe 3 times and felt like I was gonna blow.. I pulled it out and slid it up her body rubbing it around both boobs and pushing each nipple in with its tip. I slid it up to her face and rubbed it on her lips. I then parted her lips with the tip and her teeth were also open so I went halfway into her mouth before I thought if she wakes she could bite it off.. I pulled back out of her mouth RIGHT AWAY. Slid it quickly back down her body and back into her gooyness. I got a little to excited as I pumped and pushed cause I grabbed her legs and shoved towards her head.. She began to tense up and I thought she was coming or stretching well as she tensed and pulled a little I popped out of the wet slippery slit and right into the #2 hole. Which was extremely tight and I was about to burst anyway so almost as I entered her *** I came, But also just as my head and shaft slid into her bum fully and my boy goo flew out was when her eyes flew wide open and she yelled "WHAT THE ****!!!" I fell off her and the bed to the floor. She jumps out of bed and ran over to turn on the light.. I know she threatened to kill me a couple time and yelled at Shawn who pretended to be asleep, I was okay with that and took the total blame. BUt as she stood there with her shirt caught on her **** and her panties under me. I could not focus on her yelling or what was said. I was focused on mine and Shawns *** as it ran out of her puss and butt and down her thighs. She then demanded her under ware back which I handed to her and she slid on. Her last words that night was I am going to tell mom and dad, and she stomped down the stairs. However she never told anyone and I found out from her the following summer as she woke she was enjoying what was happening but at the same time was startled. I came in her *** at least 5 more times over the next few years but none top the first night.
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Thats kinsa wierd

Wow man, what a ****** phenomenal story! Funny how freaky we get in the early stages of puberty! Well done.