Everything But - Part Two

So it had been about two years since my last encounter with Genevieve (refer to story part one). I had gone off to University, and had my first 'proper' relationship. I broke up with her, and Genevieve was my rebound of sorts.

I broke up with my first love, Christine and in the heat of the moment, I decided to drive back to my home town at 2am, only hours after our phone break-up. I arrived back home at 6am, four hours later. I had conversed with Jason on the phone that night, so he was expecting me. I knocked on his window at 6am, with a box of cheap wine under my arm. I was ready to get on it.

Jason let me in, and we started drinking the cheap wine for breakfast. This was my day, I had just broken up with my girl. We went for a drive around the still sleepy neighbourhood, and by now we had pulled the bag out of the box of wine and were squirting it into each others mouths as we drove along. I don't endorse drink driving, but as I said, it was my day, and I just didn't care at the time. I found a quiet, secluded spot to park, and we chatted and smoked weed and DMT (my first time). It was awesome. But the funny thing is, is that as soon as I broke up with Christine, my mind went straight to "great, now I can finally get Genevieve naked and have my way with her", and this is where it begins (again).

Later that day, or perhaps the next, when Jason and I were still on the bender, I encountered Genevieve. We got to talking, and I told her I had broken up with my girlfriend, and that I was back in town to get over it, and to get away from the hectic city life, and things that reminded me of Christine. That devious smile instantly went to her face, and I knew that I had a chance. I let her make all the moves. She made all attempts to sit next to me when we were together with our other friends, and when no one was looking, her hand would go straight into my shorts. Not touching my bits, but hinting that she wanted to. Later that first week, she texted me and told me that she was lonely and that I should come and check out her apartment. By then, I had found work pruning grapes, and so I went over to her house after my work day. We had dinner, and migrated to her bedroom. The conversation ultimately drifted toward sex. Suddenly, she needed to have a shower though. This is actually a good sign. You are in a woman's room, and she leaves you alone in her room, to go and wash herself, and she comes back in a towel, and doesn't ask you to leave while she gets changed.

So we were both sitting down on her bed, me still in my work clothes, and her in a towel, cross legged. I could just see a hint of her *****, but I did not make it obvious that I was looking. That devious smile was still on her pretty face. For some odd reason, our conversation led to symmetry, and how the body is not fully symmetrical, and how I liked how her smile was not fully symmetrical. I told her that in my experience, women's breasts were far from symmetrical, with most having one that is larger, and droopier. She suddenly dropped the towel off her **** and asked me how hers looked. I reached over and cupped them, and told her how gorgeous they were, and that one was indeed larger than the other. I pushed her back on to her bed, and started making out with her, while feeling her ****. Her nipples hardened and her areolas puckered up in her excitement. I was straddling her, still fully clothed. Her hands moved up into my shirt rubbing my chest, and then across my belly and on to my jeans. She grabbed my package, which I'm sure she could tell was hard. She pushed me up, breaking the kiss and the embrace. I was still straddling her. She undid my belt, and unzipped my fly, and pulled the jeans down as far as she could, me still straddling her, roughly over her hips. All the while, her eyes gazing at me with that smile. I wasn't wearing any underwear, and my hard **** sprang straight out. This broke her gaze and she looked down at my ****, and smiled again, looking back at me. She started tugging it, pulling my foreskin up over the head, and back down. I shut my eyes and let my thoughts vanish, focusing on the moment at hand. She stopped tugging me and looked back up to my eyes, and mine looked back at her. Her hands wrapped around my hips, and she pulled my hips toward her bare breasts and her mouth. I aided her, and wriggled up on top of her, still straddling her, but much closer to her chest and face. She opened her mouth, and took the head of my penis into her lips. She really knew what she was doing. Rather than try to suck ridiculously and pop a blood vessel in my penis like some women try to do and tire herself out, she understood that all that was required to stimulate a man's manhood was gentle, wet, enthusiastic, slow bobbing, with amazing tongue work. The sensation of her lips softly rolling over the ridge of my glans, and the feel of her slippery tongue licking my frenulum, across the precum oozing from my hole, and around again. This was one of the most amazing sensations I had ever experienced. I couldn't help but start sighing, groaning and moaning with pleasure, and thrusting softly, like I was on autopilot. Sensing the way I was feeling, she stopped her routine, and looked up into my eyes, and squeezed her breasts around my penis, which was by now very wet with her lovely saliva. I had never ****** between breasts before, but it was instinctual. She leaned forward and kept licking my penis as I thrusted back and forth. It was probably less than a minute before I sensed I was about to ***. The feeling of her wet **** on my iron rod, and the look of real glee on her face was too much to handle. I started to moan, and saying "I'm going to ***, I'm going to ***". Perhaps she was lost in the moment, or perhaps she didn't think I was about to literally *** any second, but I had past the point of no return and my *** shot out at high pressure all over her chest and neck and chin. I got about two full contractions worth out before she realised what was happening, and quickly put her mouth back on my penis and I pumped the remaining contractions worth of *** into her mouth, as she was sucking and licking. It was one of the best ******* I had ever had, and she took it all, and smiled at me after it was all over. There was still *** pooled in that gap/hole in the middle of her collar bone, and glistening over her neck and as she licked the excess from her lips and mouth. I will remember this until the day I die, and in hindsight it was one of my hottest experiences.

I rolled over and laid on her bed, **** shrinking, and reality returning to my consciousness. What had I just done? I had just *** all over and in the mouth of my best friend's sister, and she swallowed it! and I'd only just broken up with my first love! It was slightly awkward, and I had to go. I'm sure this made her unhappy. I should have spooned her, and really gone to town on her when the refractory period had passed, and stayed the night, but I was confused, young, and selfish, and I left to go hang out with her brother Jason. But there is a part three to this story.
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Mar 5, 2013